A traditional treat is coming soon for Chinese Spring Festival. It's a series of Peking Opera shows that will add to the festive atmosphere. The schedule begins with the classic "Farewell My Concubine," then there will be four more Peking operas on stage during the holiday.

The Peking opera, "Farewell My Concubine" tells the story of Xiangyu, the king of one of the two major forces battling for the unification of China more than 2,200 years ago.

In the play, Xiangyu is surrounded by his enemies and on the verge of total defeat. His favorite concubine,Consort Yuji, realizing the dire situation, commits suicide with Xiangyu's sword after one last dance for him.

This tragedy is one of the classics of the Mei Lanfang School, with a perfect combination of vocals, music and dance.

This opening show on Tuesday at Hongji Theatre starts the series of Spring Festival Peking Opera Plays in China's beautiful northeastern seaside city, Dalian.

Liwei, Section Chief of Dailan Peking Opera Theatre, said, "From February 6th, we will present 4 more plays on stage, including "The Orphan of Zhao." After watching the film "Sacrifice," the movie edition of the story, audiences may enjoy a different pleasure from this classic."

More good news for Peking Opera fans is that all these plays will offer low ticket prices, as low as 10 yuan each.


festive atmosphere:节日气氛
Farewell My Concubine:霸王别姬
forces battling:作战军队
on the verge of:接近于,濒临于
dire situation:悲惨处境
The Orphan of Zhao:赵氏孤儿