10  Life in the country
10  乡下的一段日子

The weeks slipped contentedly past, and spring turned into summer. O liver was now a strong and healthy boy, and very fond of Rose and Mrs May lie  as They were of him.

解析:slip 滑动、滑过;(时间)不知不觉地过去
eg: One week slipped away, but he wrote out nothing.

contentedly 满足地、安心地
形容词原形是contented 满足的、满意的
eg: Before your back, we lived contentedly.

One hot summer evening, after a walk in the country, Rose became very weak and pale, and confessed she felt ill. By the next morning she was in a dangerous fever, and Mrs May lie and O liver were afraid she might die.  Mrs May lie sent O liver to the nearest town, four miles away, to post two express letters. One was to Dr Losberne in Chertsey, the other to Harry May lie, Mrs May lie's son.

解析:pale 苍白的、无力的
eg: Her pale face suggested that she was ill.

fever 发烧、发热
常用短语:have a fever 发烧
类似词组:have a cold 感冒
eg: I'm afraid that you have a fever.

O liver, filled with anxiety, ran as fast as he could along the country roads and across the fields until, hot and exhausted, he reached the town. He posted the letters  and turned to hurry home again. As he was running past a pub in the main street, he accidentally bumped into a tall man in black coming out. The man stared at O liver. 'What the devil's this? ' he said, stepping  back.

解析:exhausted 疲惫的、精疲力尽的
eg: I think I'm ill because I feel exhausted every morning.

短语 bump into 无意中遇到、碰到;猛的撞到……上
eg: She slipped and
bumped into me.

'I'm sorry, sir. I was in a hurry, and didn' t see you. '