1. "Peep! Peep!" Here comes Thomas. Today is Thomas's birthday. He doesn't want to work. He wants a party!

2. But Sir Topham Hatt says, "Henry is busy. Gordon is busy. James is busy. You must work today, Thomas."

3. Thomas goes off to work. He carries people. He carries animals. He carries wood. He carries grain.

4. Thomas sees his friends. But no one says "Happy birthday".

5. At the end of the day, Thomas goes home. "Those engines did not look like so busy to me." Oh no! A cow is in the way. "Move!" says Thomas. "Moo," says the cow."No, no, no!" says Thomas. "Not moo. MOVE!"

6. At last the cow moves. Thomas is late. Thomas is tired. Sir Topham Hatt opens the doors for him. Lights come on. "Surprise!" say all Thomas's friends.

7. "We were busy," says Henry. "We were busy making a party for you!" says James.

8. It is a wonderful party. There are presents, balloons, and silly hats to wear. Happy birthday, Thomas!



come busy wonderful silly

free go terrible smart