1. There are pirates near Busytown Bay(海湾). But that doesn't stop Uncle Willy. He is going sailing. He brings a cherry pie for lunch.

2. He comes to a small island. "I think I'll take a nap," he says. He goes to sleep.

3. Ahoy, there, Uncle Willy! Pirates are coming! They eat the pie and put Uncle Willy on the island.

4. On the island, there is grass, shells, driftwood and a palm tree. Uncle Willy has an idea. He makes some cloth out of grass.

5. He makes a head out of driftwood. He makes eyes and teeth out of shells. He makes a tail out of a palm leaf.

6. Then he gets inside. Yo ho ho! A monster crocodile! He swims out to the boat. "Look out! It's a crocodile!" cries the Pirate King.

7. When people see the crocodile coming, they're very afraid. But it is only Uncle Willy.

8. Officer Murphy takes those pie rats away. Hooray! It's safe to sail again in Busytown Bay!



body head eyes and teeth tail

shells grass palm leaf driftwood