英语四级优秀作文 篇1

The discussion about electronic dictionaries has never stopped in the past few years. Let’s have a look at its advantages and disadvantages before drawing the final conclusion.  The biggest advantage of an electronic dictionary is its convenience. Whenever you meet new words or expressions, you can know the meaning quickly. What’s more, with the development of science and technology, electronic dictionaries are becoming more and more advanced: they can pronounce the words clearly, provide sample sentences to illustrate word usage and store difficult words for special memorization. Last but by no means the least, electronic dictionaries are becoming cheaper and cheaper, and more and more students can afford them.  However, the negative effects are also obvious. To begin with, some students rely too much on the electronic dictionary—they never put their heart into learning new words and expressions. In the second place, some explanations are neither complete nor accurate, which are quite misleading. Finally, new technical inventions do not necessarily lead to progress in learning. Diligence is always the decisive factor, because "there is no royal road to learning".  Up until now, we can see it clearly that an electronic dictionary is not beneficial or harmful in itself. The key lies in the user—so long as we can make proper use of it, it can be most helpful to us in many respects.

英语四级优秀作文 篇2

The popularity of smartphones has exerted great influence on the way people communicate, so much so that an increasing number of individuals contend that face-to-face communication is being replaced by texts and images on the mobile phone.  There are more than one angle to consider this phenomenon. On one hand, it is pleasantly acknowledged that smartphones shorten the distance between families and friends. Even people from different sides of the globe can share pictures, feelings and thoughts through various types of apps on the phone, thus building a long-distance connection. On the other hand, as the picture warns us, too much smartphone addiction interferes with peoples real-life communication. Statistics show that over 70 percent of face-to-face communication consists of facial expressions and body language, which is why people should stay away from mobile phones when they have the chance to actually talk and communicate with others.  In a word, mobile phones act as an appropriate platform where people can always stay in tough however long the distance is, but a wise man should know when to put down his phone.

英语四级优秀作文 篇3

With the deepening of reform and opening-up of our country, many people dream of going abroad for further study. They insist that the modern research facilities, world famous professors and excellent environment in those foreign co11eges and universities can help lay a perfect foundation for their future development.  However, there are still many people who favor studying at home. They argue that studying abroad is too expensive and therefore doesn’t pay, They also Point out that there are no language and cu1tural barriers if they study in our country,  Just as the old saying goes, ”Every advantage has its disadvantage.” Both opinions are acceptable in some sense. If students have the chance and financial resources, they should seize the opportunity to go abroad and broaden their eyes. On the other hand, if conditions don’t permit, they can pursue their studies in top universities at home. What counts is not the place where they study, but what they can learn.

英语四级优秀作文 篇4

The conception of green consumption has gradually become popular in China. More and more green foods are making their appearance on the market and more and more people are becoming conscious of environmental protection.  However, there still exist quite a few difficulties in the further promotion of green consumption. On the one hand, many people are still not quite clear of the advantages of green foods. On the other hand, due to high profits, many fake green foods are found in the market. Moreover, many consumers don’t want to pay extra money for green foods.  There may be several ways to solve these problems. Firstly, the government should supervise the good quality strictly to protect consumers’ interests. Secondly, the conception of green consumption should be further promoted and emphasized. Thirdly, the government should work together with manufacturers to make the price more reasonable.  绿色消费的概念在中国已逐渐成为流行。越来越多的绿色食品市场上出现了越来越多的人成为环境保护的意识。  然而,仍然存在不少困难,进一步促进绿色消费。一方面,许多人仍不清楚绿色食品的优点。另一方面,由于高额利润,许多假的绿色食品在市场上被发现。此外,许多消费者不愿意支付额外的钱为绿色食品。  可能有几种方法可以解决这些问题。首先,政府应该监督好质量严格保护消费者的利益。其次,绿色消费的概念应进一步提升和强调。第三,政府应与厂商合作,价格更合理。

英语四级优秀作文 篇5

In our daily life, most people use disposable plastic bags for shopping and other purposes. However, the excessive use of disposable plastic bags has resulted in a great damage to our environment.  The problems brought by disposable plastic bags are various, ranging from environment to peoples health. In the first place, it takes years for the plastic products to decompose and be absorbed by the soil. Secondly, the use of disposable plastic bags will indirectly do harm to peoples health. Sometimes people buy hot food packed into disposable plastic bags for saving time to wash their dining utensils. Yet they are not informed of the chemical material the bags release in high temperature. Therefore, they are also eating the poisonous stuff while enjoying the tasty food.  Its enlightening and significant that our government has banned the use of disposable plastic bags officially, and people will be charged for the use of such bags. This action is reducing the consumption of bags to a great extent. It is a great measure for the sustainable development of our earth.

英语四级优秀作文 篇6

What is in the Way of Paying Back the Loans  Ever since colleges started to charge the students for the education they receive, there has always been a problem for some students, especially for those from remote rural regions, to get the money for it. So the government offers them an option of borrowing money from banks. Surveys show that the number of students financing his education in this way is increasing.  However, some students, although not many, failed to pay back the loans as they had promised in the contract. The banks have a very hard time coping with this problem. And the government can do nothing effective to help the banks.  I think there is more than one reason for this. Dishonesty may be one but not the major one. As is known, we are experiencing a particular phase of economic development where the supply of human resources is much bigger than the demand for it. So many students are not able to find a well-paid job. How can they pay the loans back? To solve this problem, I think the government should make efforts to get the whole economy go smoothly, creating more job opportunities.

英语四级优秀作文 篇7

Disposable plastic bags were once widely used in China. When we went shopping at supermarkets and departments stores, shopping assistants often provided free plastic bags for our convenience. For a while, life without them seemed unimaginable for most of us.  However, disposable plastic bags do bring severe damage to our environment. Costumers usually threw them away after use, and because they are thin and hard to decompose, these plastic products will exist for a long time. This is an immediate threat to our earth and water.  Nowadays, the government has passed relevant regulations for limiting the use of disposable plastic bags: they are not free any more. In some shopping places, in order to invoke the public awareness of environmental protection, plastic bags are offered in a much higher price. As a result, people are changing their behavior: paper and clothing bags that vanished for a long time come back to our daily life. It is true that by limiting its usage, everyone in this society contributes some effort to the improvement of the environment.

英语四级优秀作文 篇8

The open policy means that our country is open to investment, trade and technical and economic cooperation with other countries on the basis of equality and mutual benefit. The purpose of open policy is to acquire advanced technology, management skills to serve our socialist construction so as to promote the realization of the four modernizations.  We must adhere to the open policy. Because economic relations between states today have become increasingly close, and no country can possibly advance behind close doors. Only in this way, can we gradually close the gap between our country and the developed countries.  Through the implementation of policy, we can learn advanced technology and managerial expertise from abroad; make full use of the foreign capitals to set up great enterprises; absorb useful? and healthy ideas and new knowledge of the modern civilization; and broaden our views and raise our level of competence.

英语四级优秀作文 篇9

Nowadays, millions of migrant workers flock into cities in search of jobs and better living. However, with the sharp rise in the urban population, many problems arise in the development of cities.  Firstly, cities become more and more crowded, putting much pressure upon transportation, housing, sanitation, education, employment and so on. City services and facilities have been strained to a breaking point. Secondly, a growing number of private cars emit huge amount of carbon dioxide, leaving the air mercilessly polluted. What is more, the city is also threatened by rising crime. Not a single day passes without the report of someone being robbed, kidnapped or murdered. Last but not least, city-dwellers are not only separated from the natural world but also isolated from each other, even not knowing the name of their next-door neighbor.  All these problems have harmed the attractiveness of the city. Unless there is some improvement, more and more people may seek to live in the suburbs.

英语四级优秀作文 篇10

Nowadays, TV PK Shows (or we can call it Talent Shows) are great hit in China and have attracted many young people. As for me, TV PK Shows, as all other things, have both positive and negative effects. Therefore, the most crucial thing is how we see them.  Some people think Talent Shows provide grass-root people with a stage to display their talents, so they should seize every opportunity to show off their talents. Some College students even give up their studies to attend these TV PK Shows in the hope of becoming famous overnight. They even regard TV PK shows as a shortcut to the success. While other people reckon that TV PK Shows will develop the undergraduates’ attitude of anxious of achieving quick success. And once they were failed in these shows, they would suffer a great psychological unbalance. This is really bad to their physical and psychological health.  To sum up, everything has its limit. As long as the right attitude is employed, then it is OK.

英语四级优秀作文 篇11

Nowadays the people are enjoying a more comfortable life and many people are suffering from obesity. Thus, losing weight becomes very popular.  However, weight reducing is a tricky topic. Some people lose weight quickly by crash dieting or other extreme measures. This will not help them lose weight since they usually gain back all of the pounds they lost because they havent permanently changed their habits. Whats worse, sometimes these extreme measures will affect the individuals health.  In my view, before one decides to lose weight, he first of all should make it clear whether he should or not lose weight. The best way to find out if you are at a healthy weight or if you need to lose or gain weight is to talk to a doctor or dietitian. He or she can compare your weight with healthy norms to help you set realistic goals. If it turns out that you would benefit from weight loss then you can follow a few of the simple suggestions which are widely accepted by weight reducing experts to get it started.

英语四级优秀作文 篇12

With the rapid development of society, it is essential for college students to get to know the world outside the campus. There are a variety of reasons why we should do that. The primary one is that we can expand our horizons. Nowadays, as students, our knowledge is mostly derived from books, which is really limited. Only through contact with society will we learn more practical things. Second, it will enable us to be more sophisticated after graduation. Finally, knowing the world outside the campus may awaken in us a high sense of duty and help us make greater achievements in the future.  As is known to all, there are many ways we can know the society, such as through community service or keeping informed through TV, radio or newspapers.  As a university student, I will read newspapers and magazines to enrich my knowledge and do some volunteer work for the community or take up a part-time job in my spare time so that I can learn from my experience and prepare for my future work.

英语四级优秀作文 篇13

Some people take it for granted that some lucky numbers can bring them good luck. For instance, the so-called lucky number “8” is widely used now because it is sounded like “getting rich” in Chinese and is believed to bring good fortune.  Yet many others don’t think so. They think that numbers have nothing to do with luck. They regard numbers simply as a mathematic symbols for counting. They are anything but a mystery. They laugh at those who think numbers can bring good luck.  I’m in favor of the latter opinion. I think our society is very modern now. We mustn’t count on the so-called lucky numbers to fulfill our wishes. Whether we can have good luck depends on ourselves. If we work hard, good luck will come to us.

英语四级优秀作文 篇14

In our daily life, there are many occasions on which we should not hesitate to refuse when asked for help. For one thing, when it is beyond our ability, we should give a direct reply “no”. For another, we the thing we are asked for is unreasonable or even illegal, we should say “no” without hesitation.  However, it is not the case in our real life. Many people prefer to say “yes” when they should say “no”. Some are afraid to lose their face, since they think refusal means their inability. Some people are afraid to offend their acquaintances’ face, such as their friends, relatives and so on.  In fact, doing so is quite harmful. If you agree to do the things beyond your ability, the result will only be worse. The other might as well have asked another person who can help. And if you agree to do the unreasonable or even the illegal favors, such as cheating in the exam, you are in fact not helping the other but hurting him. You yourself will get into trouble too.

英语四级优秀作文 篇15

A test of spoken English will be included as an optional (component of the College English Test (CET). Some people contend that it is absolutely necessary to hold a test of spoken English in China because we have been told many times that a Chinese student who has been learning English for years cannot communicate with a native English speaker. Sometimes even those top students who excel at grammar and writing skills find their English inadequate to express their thoughts freely when speaking. A test of spoken English will bring the importance of speaking English to the awareness of the college students, and thus help them with their communicating skills.  On the other hand, there are also people who maintain that good reading and writing skills would be enough for the average English learners. College students are already under considerable pressure from their coursework. Another required test will only add to their burden. Also, some students may take the shortcut and only practice the questions according to the fixed format of the test, which will not actually improve their spoken English.  I believe that a test of spoken English will do more good than harm. Since China will continue its policy of opening and reform, the ability to speak fluent English is a must for anyone who wants to surpass others in a highly competitive society. Whether I take the test or not, I shall make all efforts to practice my spoken English in the rest years in college.

英语四级优秀作文 篇16

Personal credit cards are becoming more common in China. Banks and other financial institutions are encouraging their customers to change the way they buy things. Credit cards, otherwise known as “plastic money”, are being offered on very good terms to encourage the change. Consumers will be able to “buy now, pay later”, and many see this as an advantage.  But people need to be careful. There are dangers associated with credit cards. Some people find it very easy to exceed their budget. They are tempted to purchase goods that they do not really need, and can become quickly overburdened by debt. The credit cards often charge a high rate of interest, which exacerbates the problems for these people.  However, used wisely credit cards can improve the quality of people’s lives. They can give people access to money to meet sudden unplanned expenses. Properly handled, they can let people control their expenditure and the monthly statements provide a record of where their money has gone.

英语四级优秀作文 篇17

Dear Zhang Wei,  I’m glad to know that you are coming to my city during the summer vacation.  However, I’m afraid there’s some bad news. I’m planning to take part in an international conference to be held in another city during the time of your visit. All the top scientists in my field will show up at the conference. More importantly, I’m lucky enough to have been selected to give a speech on behalf of my research team at the Conference. I really can’t miss it.  I understand that it’ll be your first time to this city and I’m your only friend here. I’ve asked my roommate to meet you at the airport, and you can stay in my room. He is a very nice person and he will show you around the city. Hope you two will get on well and have a nice holiday!  Yours,  Li Ming

英语四级优秀作文 篇18

Just as there are distinct differences between being a small fish is a big pond and a big fish in a small pond, so it is with working as a subordinate in a large enterprise and presiding in a small firm.With the former, you can derive a deep sense of satisfaction from being a member of a well-known organization such as General Motors, or the Bell Telephone System. You have the opportunities of learning from experienced executives and knowing about the standard working process.With the latter, you have greater responsibilities and your decision may bring immediate effect. Normally you are expose to various experiences and expected to do a great many thing without much help or guidance.Personally I prefer to work in a small enterprise, where my prospect of promotion is good as long as I work hard. To tell the truth , I’d rather become a well-known and important figure within my own small pond.

英语四级优秀作文 篇19

Gambling is actually playing games of chance, such as cards, for money. People regard gambling as wrong, although at first sight it is difficult to show it is wrong. It is true that in a game of chance, one of the parties must lose money, however, the gain of the other cannot be called robbery since both parties willingly agree to run the risk.  Perhaps a comparison of gambling with dueling will help us see why gambling is evil. In a duel, as in a game of chance,both parties willingly agree to run a risk. But in civilized countries, duelinglis a crime because law and order in the state wil break down if every citizen can take the law into his own hands and avenge an injury himself. Gambling is condemned for the same reason: the effect of gambling is injurious not only to the individual but also to society.  The evils of gambling are in fact many.It discourages habits of industry by holding out before men the hope of getting rich quickly without work. Besides this, it often becomes a habit which can throw a man and his family into misery. Moreover, it often ends up in theft and robbery, even in crimes of violence. Therefore, it must be regarded as a social evil.  就是为了钱而玩风险游戏,比如玩纸牌。尽管,乍一看也看不出有什么不正当之处,但人们还是把看作是不正当之事。事实正是如此:在风险游戏中,一方肯定要输钱,而赢的一方也不能叫做强盗,因为双方都情愿冒这个险。  将和决斗做一比较也许会使我们明白为什么说是罪恶。在一场决斗中,和一场风险游戏中一样,双方都甘心情愿冒险。但是在文明国家中,决斗就是犯罪。因为如果每个公民都将法律掌握在自己的手中,自己去报仇,那么国家的法律和秩序就会崩溃。被认为是不正当的也是出于同样的原因:造成的后果不仅对个人是有害的,而且对社会也是有害的。  的罪恶之处其实很多。它在人们面前展现出可以不劳动而快速致富的希望,从而使人们想丢掉勤劳奋斗的好习惯。除此之外,它还经常使人家破人亡。

英语四级优秀作文 篇20

Recently it has become a common phenomenon for college students to have two majors at the same time. In this way, they can get double BA degrees when they graduate from the university several years later.  Although it may bring unfavorable consequences, we can be sure to conclude that this practice is favorable on the whole. To begin with, most students will become more hardworking and efficient in order to finish the learning tasks satisfactorily. Moreover, with two degrees at hand after graduation, they will stand a better chance in the job market full of fierce competition. In the third place, as for todays university students, tuition and fees are becoming more and more expensive. If they can make achievements in study at school and find a satisfactory job afterwards, it will not be a big problem.  Weighing the pros and cons of such a new trend, we can naturally arrive at the conclusion that it is beneficial and rewarding. This system not only compels students to work hard, but also prepares them for the coming competition.

英语四级优秀作文 篇21

Nowadays, going abroad for studies is enjoying a striking popularity among adolescents. Importance should be attached to studying abroad.  There are a great many advantages of studying overseas. First and foremost, living and studying abroad offers students a different perspective of the world. On a university campus, international students are likely to encounter their counterparts from various countries and areas and are exposed to perse ideas and values. What is more, overseas experience is the best opportunity for the real-life use of foreign languages. There is no better opportunity to improve second-language skills than living in the country in which it is spoken.  Generally peaking, it is my view that although going abroad is expensive and perhaps painful, the payoff is worthwhile. In the first place, in addition to knowledge, overseas students can gain precious experiences that those who stay at home will never have. Furthermore, overseas experience, frustrating and painful as it may be, is conducive to the growth of adolescents.  如今,出国留学在年轻人中间非常流行。应重视留学。  有许多优势,海外学习。首先,国外生活和学习的'学生提供了一个不同的世界观。在大学校园中,国际学生很可能遭遇来自不同国家和地区的同行和接触不同的理念和价值观。更甚的是,国外的经验是现实生活中使用外语的最好时机。没有更好的机会来提高第二语言技能比住在乡村,它说的是。  一般来说,我认为,尽管出国留学是昂贵的,也许是痛苦的,回报是值得的。在第一个地方,除了知识之外,留学生可以获得宝贵的经验,那些呆在家里。此外,海外经历,因为它可能是令人沮丧和痛苦,有利于青少年的成长。

英语四级优秀作文 篇22

Recently it seems that among the students who choose to study abroad, there are more and more-teenagers who study in high schools or even elementary schools. Many people, especially the parents, think it will certainly do good to their chidren because the independent life will make them learn confidence and perseverance. Moreover, the quality of overseas education is often higher, thus the child stands a better chance of entering a better university and getting a better job in the future.  After careful consideration, I have to say the above view is more than biased. On the one hand, early independent life is not necessarily good, if the child cannot receive proper guidance and tender care from both teachers and parents. On the other hand, the educational quality is also a question—too many foreign schools aim at earning money. When the children come back, who can guarantee that they can adapt to the fierce competition here?  We can see clearly that although teenagers studying abroad may bring favorable results, there are still a lot to worry about. It seems necessary for young students to make a careful investigation before going abroad.

英语四级优秀作文 篇23

My View on Job-Hopping  Some people tend to stick to their positions all the time, as they think the longer one works in a particular field, the more skillful one will be at it. Some have been teachers all their lives. Some devote their life energy to scientific research. Such people love their work and turn out to be specialists in their own field. They are usually high achievers.  Some are different. They are in the habit of job-hopping, for they always pursue what is new and stimulating. They never seem content with their present situation. Some like to meet more people, make more money and new acquaintances, so they hop from job to job.  As far as I am concerned, I want to be professionally strong. I am not in favor of frequent job hopping, as the saying goes Jack of all trades, master of none. But I want to have opportunities for advancement and as many colleagues as possible to cooperate and communicate with so as to be more creative and less partial.1/5 12345下一页尾页

英语四级优秀作文 篇24

With the development of technology as well as economy, more and more students begin to use their WAP phones to surf the Internet. Admittedly, WAP phones have broughtconvenience to us –surfing the Internetanytime anywhere. Nevertheless, its bad impact can not be ignored. In the first place, apart from those who can control themselves, most of the students are addicted to playing with WAP phones. They set study, their main tasks, aside and spend much time on their WAP phones. In the second place, since students can surf the Internet with WAP phones anytime anywhere, they are likely to do it all the time. As a result, they will spend much money on the Internet. Thus, those who are financially dependent on their parents will greatly increase the financial burden on their parents.  Based on the above, it’s safe to come to the conclusion that it’s advisable for the students to use WAP phones in an appropriate way.

英语四级优秀作文 篇25

Charity is of utmost importance to us humans. While following a spate of scandals, some individuals and institutions involved in this field have encountered criticism in recent months.  There are several reasons for this phenomenon. Above all, compared with those of developed countries, the charity awareness in our country is backward. Some people equal charity with donation, and therefore they believe that charity is the rich’s responsibility and has nothing to do with the middle-class and the poor. The second thing that must be taken into consideration is that a number of individuals and charitable organizations lack a sense of social responsibility, which results in the declining social credibility.  For my part, I believe the following steps can address this situation. Firstly, people’s awareness of how profound influence charity can bring to our society should be heightened. Secondly, rigorous supervision must be carried out by the administrations involved, so that the charity activities will become more transparent.

英语四级优秀作文 篇26

With the popularity of the Internet, network columns in which celebrities such as pop stars, atheles show off their wealth become prevalent.  Opinions on this issue differ from person to person. An army of people, especially youngsters today are fond of these activities. Not only can they know about the latest information of these celebrities but also they can get their shopping desires stimulated by copying what the rich do. On the contrary, a number of people hold the negative attitude towards this phenomenon. They maintain that the show-off may mislead the public’s value of consumption that erode people’s outlook on life.  For my part, despite the continuous improvement of people’s living standard, in China where the gap between the rich and the poor is increasingly widening, the rich should play at least a small role in helping those in povertity instead of flaunting their wealth.