Sarah: Hey everyone, welcome to video. I am Sarah your host and today we are going to be investigating the top five reasons why your New Years resolution to loose weight will fail.

Coming here at #5, you are not eating enough calories or you may not be eating frequently enough.

Both scenarios caused your body to store fat instead of burn it because it thinks you are starving. So your body is fooled into thinking that food may not be something that is going to becoming anytime soon, so prepare itself for a little winter hibernation.

Next stop is #4, you just cannot say no to the junk food.

Refine sugars and carbs can rit havoc on your diet. They also play mind games with your hunger levels.

When you go and have a bit of a cookie, you may not be that hungry but shortly after, you will find that do you actually hungrier now then you were before you had a taste.

So even if you think that your calories on track, next time you eat for the cookie jar, think again.

And at #3, you are forgetting to do your strength training well at the gym.

Many people do not realize it but strength training is just as important as diet and cardio when trying to lose weight. Why you made ask? Because it is actually speeds up your metabolism. For every pair of the muscle you build you burn in actually 50 calories a day.

Rounding down to #2, you are not getting the most out of your cardio workouts as you should or could be.

You been doing the same workout on the treadmill for the past six weeks it is time to switch it up. Many people do not realize that they are not actually even hitting their target heart rate zone which is critical to improve your cardiovascular fitness and heath.

Check out your heart rate to make sure you are heading that target heart rate zone. If not, you may need to speed it up a bit. Also, do not forget to switch it up. Your body get used to the routine that you are doing so it burns less calories then it did when you first started.

And lastly, the #1 reason why you are not going to loose weight this year is because you still are eating too many calories.

Many people are not aware of how big a portion actually is. Some companies have even been flagged for lying about the nutrition facts on their boxes.

So in easy way to avoid this pitbull is to measure your food using a scale to weigh out the grams or using measuring cups. Some foods that should always be measured if you are on a diet are peanut butter, cereal, trail mix, a bag of chips thing like that. You can either buy packages that are already in single serving portions or you can be eat like an apple that is natures very own hundred calories snack.

Now that you know why you are not loosing weight, will you take this a little bits of advice to finally reach your New Years resolution?

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