According to official figures, more cold fronts are forecast across south China over the next few days. The chilly weather is expected to impact Spring Festival transportation.

The latest numbers from the National Meteorological Center indicate that several areas in south China -- including Guizhou, Hunan, and Yunnan provinces, as well as Chongqing Municipality -- will soon experience freezing rainstorms or heavy snowfall.

The cold snap will cause temperature drops of up to eight degrees Celsius, in the south the Yangtze River.

Up to 20 centimeters of flurries pelted a number of local prefectures of Chongqing Municipality on Saturday, and frozen roads have halted local transportation in mountainous areas. In response, Local authorities activated emergency programs, and laid down de-icing salt to ensure smooth traffic flow.

A road maintenance worker said, "We've scattered 10 tons of salt on the road, over a distance of 4 kilometers."

In the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in north China, thermometer readings dropped under minus 40 degrees Celsius for a full week, in the city of Genhe. Last year, the lowest level over the same period of time was about minus 30 degrees Celsius.

Strong winds are also forecast to sweep across many coastal areas of the country. Meteorological departments have issued yellow alerts to ensure maritime safety.

Officials at the Railway Ministry say the arduous conditions are likely to interrupt road, air, and sea travel, which will place additional stress on train lines. Agencies around the nation have been asked to make early preparations, in order to facilitate safe journeys for passengers.


official figures:官方数字
cold front:冷锋; 冷面
the National Meteorological Center:国家气象中心
cold snap: 寒流
de-icing salt:除冰盐
the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region:内蒙古自治区
the Railway Ministry:铁道部