5  O liver's life changes
5  奥利弗的生活变了

O liver was taken to the nearest police station. The officer at the gate looked at the boy. 'Another young thief, eh? 'He turned to the old gentleman, 'Are you the person who was robbed, sir? '

解析:near 近的(原型),nearer 更近的(比较级),nearest更近的(最高级
eg: I'll take you to the nearest police station.

'Yes, I am, 'replied the old gentleman, 'but I'm not sure that this boy actually took the hand kerchief. I don't really want to take him to court. '

'Too late. He must go before the magistrate now. '

解析magistrate 治安推事;地方法官;文职官员
eg: The thief was brought before the magistrate.

O liver was locked in a small stone cell, which was disgustingly dirty and smelly As the key turned in the lock, the old gentleman said to himself thoughtfully, 'The re's something in that boy's face… He could be innocent. Where have I seen someone like him before? 'After thinking about this for a few minutes, he said, 'No; it must be imagination. 'He sighed unhappily, and began reading the book again.

解析:cell 细胞;单人小室;牢房
eg: They were boxed up in a small cell.

Some time later, the officer touched his shoulder and told him that the court was ready. A magistrate was a judge who dealt with small crimes in local courts, and the magistrate for this district was well known. His name was Mr Fang and he was a disagreeable, bad-tempered man. Today he was in a particularly bad mood. He frowned angrily at the old gentleman, and asked sharply,

解析:deal with 处理、应付
eg: I'll deal with those problems later.

'Who are you? '

'My name, sir, is  Brown low . '

'Officer! What is this man charged with? '

'He's not charged, sir, 'answered the officer. 'He's accusing the boy. '