Passage one, 主题:可口可乐包装设计


Q9】Whether it's in the hands of animated polar bears, or Santa Claus, there's one thing you'll find in nearly all ads for Coca Cola - the characteristic glass bottle. Most Americans don't drink soda out of the glass bottles seen in cokes ads anymore. But this week, the company is Celebrating a century of the bottle that's been sold in more than 200 countries. Flashback to 1915, when a bottle of Coca Cola cost just a nickel. Q10As the soft drink gained in popularity, it faced a growing number of competitors, counterfeits even trying to copy cokes logo. So according to Coca Cola historian Ted Ryan, the company decided to come up with packaging that couldn't be duplicated.

A product request was sent to eight different glassmakers. Q11Workers at the Root Glass company got the request and began flipping through the encyclopedia at the local library, landing on cocoa seed. Though cocoa seed is not an ingredient of the soda, they designed their bottle based on the seeds shape and large middle. It won over coke executives in Atlanta and will go on to receive its own trademark, spur collections and earn Coca-Cola an iconic image that made it part of American culture for a century. It was 100 years ago this week that the bottle earned a patent. By World War Two, Coke bottle sales had ballooned into billions. Americans mostly consumed coke out of aluminum or plastic today, but the glass bottle remains a symbol of America is readily recognized around the world.

Question 9 what does the passage say appears in almost all ads for Coca Cola?

Question 10 Why did the Coca Cola company decide to have special packaging designed?

Question 11 What do we learn about the Coca Cola bottle designed by the Root Glass company?