Nowadays, more and more teenagers are chasing stars. Star chasing has always been a controversial hot topic. Some believe there’s nothing wrong with having a role model, while others, especially parents, are concerned because of its negative impacts on teenagers. I would like to analyze the positive and negative effects and how to minimize the negative effects.

First, star chasing itself is of great significance in meeting teenagers' emotional needs. This is also the reason why teenagers are keen on star chasing. Chasing stars provides a way for teenagers to express their personalities. It also offers a space for their social needs. What’s more, teenagers can get a sense of achievement from participating in the growth process of their idols.

What we need to worry about is that although these emotional needs themselves are positive, once they go to extremes, the positive side often becomes negative.

While most top stars are nice and hard-working people, some of them do have problems with their characters. Therefore, blindly following idols can be hazardous to the growth of teenagers. The real danger, however, lies in social media. Unlike in the past, the value of stars is no longer determined only by their works. Teenagers are encouraged to buy products endorsed by their idols. Fans groups of different idols even attack one another on social media over trivial rumors. These unscrupulous actions in the name of love have changed star chasing into a serious problem.

To minimize the negative impacts of star chasing, I believe schools and families should pay attention to the education of emotion, attitudes and values for teenagers because this is the basis of self-growth and a fundamental ability in their life in the future.