上周四,荷兰弟和赞达亚被拍到在车内热吻!!否认多年的rumor这一次是抡着铁锤向我们砸来了,《每日邮报》直接把“官宣”两字打在了公屏上!It's official!!!




After years of denying romance rumors, it seems as if Zendaya and Tom Holland sealed things with a kiss.



On Thursday July 1, The Spider-Man: No Way Home co-stars were seen sharing a few passionate kisses during a drive in Los Angeles.




In the images the pair were seen driving in Holland's Audi, before they packed on the PDA at a red light.

照片中,这对璧人坐在荷兰弟的奥迪车内,行驶途中遇到红灯时,两人妥妥的秀了一把恩爱。(PDA:Public Display of Affection,秀恩爱)。



The couple were seen smiling and laughing before the Cherry actor, 25, pulled her in and later gazed at her while resting his hand on her chin.







According to the publication the images were taken at sunset in the Silverlake neighborhood of LA, close to where her mother Claire Stoermer resides.

据流出的照片来看,这一组照片拍摄于日落时分洛杉矶旁的Silverlake,这里离赞达亚母亲Claire Stoermer的住处很近。



Zendaya was seen in a cropped white tank top that exposed her midriff and a pair of  green painter pants with converse high tops as they stopped by her mom's residence.



Holland donned a white T-shirt and black shorts with a flannel and was photographed helping her carry personal belongings out to his car.











Soon after it was confirmed that Zendaya and Tom would be starring alongside each other in Spider-Man: Homecoming, they made their debut on each other’s social media pages – with fans’ Spidey senses tingling after a snap of them in the pool was shared on the ‘gram.




They did precisely nothing to dispel those rumours, appearing together at Comic-Con weeks later and joking around on the red carpet.





In fact, a source told E! News that they were dating, but keeping the whole thing private, adding: ‘They got to know each other while on set. They became friends and started getting romantic a few months ago.







2017年8月,赞达亚在接受《名利场》的采访时又辟谣了一遍:He’s a great dude,他是个很棒的小伙子,我俩是很好的朋友。



虽然一边是否认的状态,但同年12月,荷兰弟还被拍到和赞达亚还有女方父母在Bobby Van’s Central Park South同行,目击者表示荷兰弟 “charmed her parents.”(很讨她父母欢心)。


让CP们又一次小小兴奋了一番的,是2018年5月的Met Gala,荷兰弟在ins上发了赞比亚的造型并高呼“女王万岁”!



Tom had the world talking when he took a moment to celebrate his ‘pal’s’ stunning Met Gala 2018 look, as she donned a stunning, silver armoured gown to the annual ball.

全世界都狠狠地讨论了一把荷兰弟为他的“好搭档”打CALL的时刻,赞比亚出席2018年Met Gala的造型:全身戎马银装的这张图被荷兰弟发在了ins上。


但2019年8月,赞达亚另一“绯闻男友”出现了,正是和她一起共同出演了《亢奋》的男星Jacob Elordi。



2020年2月,E! News报道称有人看到二人现身纽约街头:


‘She seemed to be really enjoy being with him. At one point he reached over and kissed her on the forehead.



‘She had a big smile on her face and was very comfortable with them.’





《每日邮报》爆料,隔离期荷兰弟有了secret girlfriend,正是英国女演员Nadia Parkes。



而赞达亚这边,她和Jacob Elordi的关系似乎也在去年结束,因为去年11月,Jacob被拍到和模特Kaia Gerber约会中


今年3月,Tomdaya(荷兰弟X赞达亚)这对CP又见“复合”的苗头也是越来越明显,荷兰弟在接受《British GQ》时,提到了和赞达亚两人的close bond,还有他对“公开恋情”的担心:



‘Talking to Zendaya’s helped me a lot, actually,’



‘She totally changed the way I am able to be more comfortable in public.’



‘It's very nerve-racking. It means that if you are dating someone, you have to be really conscious of their feelings, because if something does happen between the two of you, it's not just happening between the two of you, it's happening in front of the entire world. It's one of the things I worry about most, of all the things in my career.'