Todd: OK, Devon, I've been putting ona few pounds and you're quite a lean fit guy.


Devon: Wel, thank you.谢谢。

Todd: What do you recommend? What can I do to lose weight?


Devon: Well, I exercise a lot.Igo running at least three times aweek. But more than thatIenjoy playing sports and so different sports use different muscles and all of it helps to lose that weight that you might have gained.


Todd:Yeah, well,actually, one of the problems is that Iactually exercise a lot.

好的 ,问题是,实际上我经常运动。 Devon: Do ya?真的吗?

Todd: Yeah, so maybe it's my diet.


Devon: It could be and so in that case you might want to eat something perhaps more nutritious or maybe even less of what you do eat. Maybe,Ieat three meals a day and Itry not to snack in between. No potato chips. No popcorn. No candy bars.


Todd: That's pretty tough!这很难做到

Devon: It is tough but...Wel I must admit thatI cheat every once in awhile but….


Todd: Ok,Il give it a try.but actually,you see my problem is thatIlike junk food. SoIhave to choose: eitherIeat less orI eat a better diet.What do you think is more important?


Devon: I think that if you are exercizing then you should just eat what you want and eat less.

我认为如果你最近在运动,那么最好吃想吃的食物,但是要减少量。 Todd: Eat less. OK. This is going to be tough!少吃点儿。好的,这会很有难度!

Devon: Well, I have no dought that you will do the best that you can.

我毫不怀疑你会做到最好。 Todd: Alright! Thanks a lot Devon.



Todd: Hello, Gabrielle!你好子,加布里埃尔! Gabrielle: Hello!你好

Todd: How are you doing today?你今天好吗?

Gabrielle: Good thanks.很好,谢谢。

Todd: Now, Grabrielle,Ihear that you are going backhome to New Zealand.


Gabrielle: That's right. I'm going home for summer.

是的。我要回家过夏天。 Todd: OK. What are your plans?你是怎么计划的?

Gabrielle: Probably a weekrelaxing, going camping, and thenI'mgoing back to work

也许先休息一周 ,去露营,接着我会回去工作。

Todd: Oh, OK. Where do you work?好的,你在哪工作?

Gabrielle:Iteach as an English teacher in Christchurch, in NewZealand


Todd: Oh, OK. And that's where you're from, naturally.

哦,好的。你来自那里。 Gabrielle: That's right.是的。

Todd: Were you born there?你在那里出生吗? Gabrielle: I was, yeah!是的,我是!

Todd: Well,you are going to have this short little break, or vacation, are you gonna go to the beach.themountains?


Gabrielle: Probably.probably to the beach and camping for about a week with friends, yeah!


Todd: Actually, how warm is it in the summer?夏天那里到底有多热?

Gabrielle: Probably a maximum of about 30 degrees.A nice dry heat! Very comfortable.


Todd: So whenyou go to the beach is the water warmenough to swim in?


Gabrielle: No,no, no! We swim but it is not warm.Yeah! It's pretty chillyactuall.不,不!我们会去游泳,但水并不热。海水其实很冷。

Todd: OK. Any other plans when you go home?好的,回家后还有什么其他计划吗?

Gabrielle: Yeah, I'm looking forward to catching up with friends and family and animals.

我很期待见到我的朋友,家人,和宠物。 Todd: Animals!宠物!

Gabrielle: Well I miss my pets.


Todd: OK, well, what pets do you have?那么,你养了什么宠物?

Gabrielle: Well, Ihave a cat and a dog and a sheep called Sydney and two gold fish.我养了一只猫,一只狗,一只叫做Sydney的羊,还有两只金鱼。 Todd: Wow!哇!

Gabrielle: Yeah! And I really miss them.


Todd:I'm sure they're really excited to see you.Alright, thanks alot.

我肯定它们见到你一定很兴奋。好的,十分谢谢。 Gabrielle: You are welcome!不客气


Todd: Oh, so what's your new house like?


Keri: It's small,it's old.It's mostly wooden in the inside.It has two rooms and a balcony off of those rooms and downstairs there's like a living room area and a tatami mat room, kitchen, bathroom.

很小,很旧。房子内部主要是木质结构。楼上有两间房,各有阳台。楼下有一块生活区 ,一间榻榻米房间,厨房和厕所。

Todd: Wow, so do you live in the tatami mat room?


Keri: No, there's two tatami mat rooms. There's one upstairs and there's one

downstairs and I don't live in either.One we use as kind of a spare room and the other one is my roommate's bedroom.


Todd: Oh, OK. So you have a roommate?

好的。也就是说你有一名室友了? Keri Yes是的

Todd: What's it like having a roommate?


Keri: It's good.It's good.I like living alone too but sometimes it's nice to come

home and have someone there and my roommate gets home before I do and she likes to cook so often she's cooked dinner for me.


Todd: Wow, that's nice.哇,真棒。 Keri: I know.是的。

Todd: Well, you do all the cleaning?


Keri: Well, now that you mention it,Ido a lot of the cleaning,but not all of it.Oh, OK.


Todd: Well, what kind of things does she make you?她经常给你做什么吃?

Keri: Last night she made curry.I thinkit was an Indian curry, tomato-based.

昨晚她做了咖哩。我想那是印度咖喱,西红柿是主要食材。 Todd Spicy?

辣的3? Keri: Yes.是的。 Todd: Cool.酷。


Todd: OK. We're back with Jeanna.You wanna talk about your summer vacation


Jeanna: Sure.I went to Las Vegas, Nevada;Reno, Nevada; Tahoe, California; and San Diego, California and I went to Disneyland.


Todd: Wow! Sounds like a really good time.哇!听上去你玩得很愉快。

Jeanna: Yeah, it was. It was a lot of fun.是的。我玩得很有趣。

Todd: What was the best place?最棒的地方是哪里?

Jeanna: Probably Las Vegas. It was the most interesting.也许是拉斯维加斯。 那里最有趣。

Todd: OK. why was it the most interesting?


Jeanna: It was just really busy and there was always stuffgoing on.Ya know, never resting.


Todd: OK. Ah, for example what stuff is going on? Like, what did you do?好的,例如什么活动,你在那里做什么?

Jeanna: Well, we went shopping a lot, in alot of different casinos that had malls in them, we went and visited the Hoover Dam.


Todd: Oh, wow! It's pretty big.哇!水坝很大。 Jeanna: Yeah, really big.是的,很大。

Todd: That's a lot of water. Did you go swimming?那里有很多水,你游泳了吗? Jeanna: No.没有。

Todd: Can you swim in the Hoover Dam?能在胡佛水库里游泳吗?

Jeanna: You can swim in the reservoir.能在蓄水池里游泳