How many luggages are you checking in? (有多少件托运行李?)

Do you have a carry on? (有手提行李没?)

Can you place your baggage up here? (请把行李放上来(传送带/小盒子))-出票前可能会问∶

Do you prefer window or aisle?(想靠窗还是靠走廊)如果对方不问你,但是你想找个靠窗座位,可以说

Can I have a seat closest to the window?

-最后,对方给你登机牌,会告诉你登机门号和时间 ∶

Here are your tickets. The gate number is on the bottom of the ticket.

They will start boarding 20 minutes before the departure time.You should report to gate C2 by then.

C2 is around the corner and down the hall. Thank you."

如果你行李超重,对方会说 Your luggage is overweight.




Chicken please 一切OK. 如果想要东西时,句型很简单,就是

Excuse me, Could I have a cup of orange juice, please 这种.

如果冷想多要一个毯子可以说 Could I get another blanket, please,I'm a little cold.


Could you lend me a pen to fill out this immigration form?

如果要找个人换座,可以说∶ Would it be possible to change seats with someone?

如果有人坐在你椅子上了,可以说∶I'm sorry,I think you are in my seat.

机场广播一般……….不用听懂.….空乘可能会提醒你的就是∶ Please fasten your seat belt (请系紧安全带)这类。

3. 在境外转机

转机时,先看机票上的航班号,然后从机场的航班指示屏幕上找到该航班在那个GATE登机,最后顺着机场标示走到这个GATE就好,不需要说话。但特殊情况可能是,你到了后,发现屏幕上有你要转的航班号,但是后面的GATE是空的,这时候你可以向机场工作人员确认下,可以这样说∶Hello, could you tell me which gate is for the flight XXX航班号) please?—般他们都会回答这个飞机 delay了,或者在maintain,需要再等待一下。

4. 抵达目的地


海关∶ where did you fly from?或者 where have you come from?你∶from China


May Ihave your passport and sth,please?)

海关∶ what is the purpose of your visit?

你∶travel. (如果是探亲,就说I'm visiting my relatives.)

海关∶ How long are you planning to stay?你∶ Two weeks.

海关∶ Where will you be staying?你 ∶ Ill be staying at a hotel。

5. 机票及签证交通工具篇


你∶Hello, Could I get one ticket to London, please?(买张到伦敦的票)

(也可以指定时间,再加上 for the 5∶00 PM train|另外买东西时一般就是用CouldIhave/get,或者Id like to buy.)

对方∶ Single or return? (单程往返)

你∶ Return, please.

对方∶ 64 Pounds, please. (假设在英国)你∶ Here you are.

对方∶ Here's your ticket and change.你∶ thank you.

如果是火车票的话,对方还可能会告诉你你的train will leave from platform 3(你的火车在几号站白)

如果你不确定是不是你要下车的站,你可以在身边找个人问,可以这样问∶ Excuse me,Iam going to XX, should I get off at this station?


要说话的地方应该就是check in 和check out时,如果想要额外的room service.….那进了房间看服务的册子(room menu)吧,这里也不多提了。

Check in 很简单,走进大堂,找到前台,把护照递给他,然后说

Hi, have a reservation and I am checking in。


Check out 同样,你就说I am checking out 然后给他们钥匙就成了!


"Your credit card will be charged a total of $256.78.Can you sign on the bottom?"

"Should we charge the credit card on file or did you want to use a different card?"


如果你不知道几点check out,可以提前一天问前台∶

What time do I have to check out tomorrow?其他∶

check in后,酒店可能会问你是否need help with your bags,需要的话…记得给小费,不想给就自己来,就说 No thanks 就好。

如果你要人给你清扫房间,可以对前台说∶Could you get someone to clean my room, please?

如果想去别的地方,比市中心,可以问前台∶ How do I get to city center from here? Can I take a bus or doIhave to take a taxi? 或者 Do you have a map of the city?

如果要前台推荐吃饭的地方可以说∶ Can you recommend a good restaurant around here?


进餐馆时,如果有人招待,可能会问你 Welcome to XX. Do you have a reservation?你可以说 No,Do you have any free tables right now?…..然后他会给你带到桌子那里去,如果你不满意,比如想找个靠窗的桌子,可以说 Could we get a table by the window?

一般你入座后,餐馆先会问你是否要个饮料 ,比如 ∶

CanIget you a drink?/ Would you like to order a drink now?/ What would you like to drink.

如果你不想花钱喝饮料,直接说 Water will be fine 或者 Can Ihave a glass of water? 就成!

想喝东西的'话可以说Iltake a coke,I'II have an orange juice,或者你可以问下 What kind of drinks do you have?等。


May Itake your order?/.What would like to order? / Are you ready to order?

如果你还没想好,说 Can I have a couple more minutes?


Ill take the Salisbury steak….(不会发音,那就指着菜单说I ake this.也成啊你点好后,餐馆可能会根据你点的,推荐点别的,比如

Would you like toast, a muffin, or a cornbread?不想要继续 No thanks。


吃饭期间 ,有些餐馆可能会来人问你

How is everything? Is everything ok? How is your dinner? Do you need anything else?


了…如果你觉得味道还行可以说Yes, that was a really great meal. We both loved it.然后餐馆可能会说 Is there anything else I can get you? 不要就是No thanks,要的话….继续take这个那个好了。


Would you like dessert today? / Would you like our dessert menu?

不要的话就说no thanks,要的话可以要个dessert menu,然后继续take这个那个的。


Can I have my check? 或者I would like my check please

(他可能过来会先说 Can I get you anything else?)

如果你点的东西半天没人理,可以叫人过来说Iasked for a Coke about 15 minutes ago.

如果你不知道是直接给钱还是在收银台给钱可以拿了check后说 Excuse me, do we pay here or at the case register.

如果你不知道餐费里是不是包含了小费,你可以直接问∶Is the tip included in the check? 人家说No的话就掏钱吧….

另外…有时候很饿又找不到餐馆,问路时就是 Excuse me, could you tell me where the nearest restaurant is?


一般店员会问∶What canI do for you?或者 Can Ihelp you find something?

如果只是想逛逛可以说I'mjust looking around.如果你确实在找东西,比如要个小号的衬衫,那就是Yes, Do you have this shirt in a smaller size?或者 Where are your blue jeans 这类。

买鞋比较特殊 ,因为你必须要售货员给拿出来?你要找到店员问∶ Can I try this shoes on in a seven?/ CanI get this in a size six?

因为国内和欧式标准不大一样,所以下面得话比较有用 ∶ I don't know what my size is, can you take my measurement?在其他类型的店里,其实就不用说什么话了,无非是你在找东西时可以问下,但句型很简单∶ Where can I find xx? / Do you sell XX here?

问试衣间在哪里∶ Where are your fitting rooms?试过后觉得不合适需要小号,I thinkI need a smaller size.

问是否能刷卡 Can I pay by credit card.

确认衣服是不是打折∶ It's on sale, right?

问店什么时候开门,什么时候关门∶ What time do you open in the morning?/What time do you close?

最后补一个...最初学者购物必问句∶ How much is it?

衣服单词∶gloves-手套,boots-靴子,socks-袜子jeans-仔裤jacket-夹克,skirt-短裙,hat-帽子,shoes -鞋,belt -皮带,shirt- 衬衫,boxers-男士短裤

换钱,问路篇换钱会用到 ∶

Do you exchange foreign currency? / Can I cash my traveler's checks here? What is your exchange rate for the Chinese yuan?

The exchange rate is 0.0009 cents for one yuan.

I would like to exchange 500 yuan please.


Excuse me, Do you know where the post office is?

Excuse me,Iam looking for the post office, do you know how to get there?可能回答(有很多种,随便挑了几个)

Turn right after you pass McDonalds.

Whenyou see a church on your left hand side, turn right on the next street.

Go down the street, turn left on Williams street, and it will be right around the corner from the gas station.

It's pretty far from here, Go on Williams Street for about 2 miles,you'll see it next toa school.