英语专四作文 篇1


The last several decades have seen a decline in parental influence on their children.In fact, it seems that the more children watch movies and television and get influenced by people outside the home, the more their parents lose control over them. Nowadays, children and teens are often searching for role models other than their parents to imitate.They naturally look to celebrities like singers, movie stars, and athletes to be their guides. For example, many high school students like to dress in the latest fashions that have been made popular by various celebrities. They even cut their hair like famous people or say the same things as them. Parents simply cannot complete with these stars when it comes to influencing their children. Many television shows, movies, and video games have high levels of violent content and bad language, which greatly influence young people watching them. Children have begun acting badly based upon what they have seen on various media.

近几十年来,父母对子女的影响出现了下降。事实上,越来越多的孩子看电影和电视,并受到外界的影响 ,他们的父母对他们失去控制。如今,孩子和青少年往往是在寻找榜样,而不是他们的父母模仿。他们很自




My younger cousin got in trouble at school for kicking some other students. When asked why he did it, he responded that he had been imitating his favorite cartoon character. He had seen this behavior and decided to act similarly. His parents had enormous difficulties getting him to stop. This showed me that TV shows can be more influential than parents.Finally,young people often fel like they have nothing in common with their parents, so their parents influence in thei live decreases.Young people think their parents do.For example, many parents are not as proficient as their children are at using modern technology. They might not even know how to surf the Internet oruse an MP3 player.This gap in knowledge makes it very hard for them to find common ground with their parents.In conclusion, modern media and the world of technology have much stronger

influences on young people than their parents do. As young people get more absorbed in television, movies celebrities, and their friends, parents should expect to continue losing more control over their children.Many believe that outside influences have stronger effects on young people than their parents do. This, however, is a mistaken belief.



明星以及他们的朋友的影响 ,父母应该继续失去对孩子的控制,许多人认为,外界的影响对年轻人的影响比,他们的父母更为强烈。然而,这是一个错误的信念。

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As the development of the media, people are affected by the TV and commercial ads, they keep their eyes on the amusement all the time, so they will become a fan. Especially for the teenagers, they chase for the idols. Idols bring the great effect on the public, their power is huge.

由于多媒体的发展,人们受到了电视和商业广告的影响 ,他们总是在关注着娱乐,所以他们会成为娱乐的粉丝。特别是青少年,他们追逐偶像。偶像给大众带来了很大的影响,他们的力量是很大的。

Today, weibo is very popular for people to share the information. The celebrities open their accounts and they record their lives on it. Many fans will keep their eyes on their idols' accounts, they want to know everything about their idols. When the celebrities post the news about helping the poor people, then the fans will try their best to help the poor people. The fans will follow their idols'words.


As the power from idol is so effective,so the idol should keep the positive image to the public.

由于偶像的力量是如此的有效 ,因此偶像应该在大众面前保持积极的形象。

The idols have the responsibility to keep the positive image, so that their power can be used in the proper way.


英语专四作文 篇4

A Major Advantage/Disadvantage of the Information Age

As everyone knows, the information age has brought us countless benefits, but when it comes to its major advantage, people may hold different views. As for me, the major advantage of the Information Age is that it makes it easy for individuals to have instant access to all kinds of information.In the past, for instance, if a student was meant to compose a thesis, he was supposed to bury himself in piles of books in the library, and probably after several days' or even several months' searching, he still could not find the materials he wanted.But now it is a totally different story.The advanced techniques of the information age have spared us all those troubles. What we need to do is just sit in front of the computer and search for our target information on the Internet rather than struggle painfully in numerous books. More excitingly, we don't have to waste several days or even months waiting. Usually the information we need will be transferred to us in seconds. The information age can not only bring convenience to students in searching of materials, but also help people in all walks of life, save their energy and enhance their efficiency. Now since we're in an economy based around the manipulation of information, I have every reason to believe that this advantage of the information age will play an even greater role in the future.

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Should Universities Give Priority to Practical Courses for Students?

Because of the demands in the job market, students with "hot" degrees such as computer science or finance are more likely to get ajob than students with a"cold" degree like geography. Some people say that universities should give priority to practical courses for students.But Ithink that traditional courses are equally important and universities should not give priority to practical courses.

First, both practical and traditional courses are needed in our country. Students who do well in different courses can help to develop different aspects of our country after their graduation. For example, our society needs not only people who can help to develop economy and technology,but also people who can contribute themselves to literature and education.Second, if universities give priority to practical courses, more students will choose those"hot"degrees. When these students graduate, they will have to fight harder for a job because there will be too many applicants with the same degrees. This will in turn cause an imbalance of supply and demand in the job market.

In one word, both practical courses and traditional courses are important, and universities should not give priority to either side.