Conversation 1

M: So what time do you think we should have the party on Saturday? (8)

W: How about inviting people to come at six PM. Then we'll have the afternoon to prepare food and drink and stuff like that?

M: Yes, I was thinking that around six would be good, too. What food should we provide?

W: Well, I had thought about baking a cake and some biscuits. And now, I think we should prepare some sandwiches and snacks and some other kinds of food, so that people can just help themselves rather than getting everyone to sit down at the table to eat a meal. I think that's a bit too formal. It's better to let people walk around and talk to each other or sit where they like. (9)

M: Yes, that sounds good. I'll go to the supermarket to get some drinks. I think I might try that big new supermarket on the other side of town and see what they have. I've not been there before. I think we should get some beer and wine, and some fruit juice and other soft drinks. What do you think?

W: Sounds great! I think those drinks will be enough. And I heard that the new supermarket offers some big discounts to attract customers, so going there should be a great idea. (10)What shall we do about music?

 M: Maybe we should ask Paul to bring his computer and speakers, so that we can play some music. (11)He has a great collection of different stuff.

W: yes, all right.