Conversation 2


W: I'm thinking of buying a car. I wouldn't need to use it every day, but I think it would be very convenient to have one for the weekends. (12)

M: That's exciting. Would this be your first car?

W: No, I actually owned a car for a little while when I lived in Miami. You see, in America, many cities don't have good public transport, so most people need their own car to get around.

M: I see. So have you got your mind set on a specific model?

W: No, not really. I've heard that German cars are very reliable.(13) But I haven't decided on a specific model yet. I'd also like it to be small, so that it's easy to drive in the city.

M: I have a friend who sells second hand cars. In fact, I think his family owns the business. He's a really nice guy, and he knows a lot about cars. I could give you his phone number if you want. And you could call him and ask him questions. (14)

W: Hmm, that's nice of you, but I don't want to feel obliged to buy one of his cars.

M: Oh, no, he's not like that. He's a good friend of mine, and he would never try to pressure you or cheat you. (15)

W:Well, if you trust him, then I guess it should be OK? To be honest, I could use some help in deciding what type of vehicle would best suit my needs. Speaking to an expert would be a good idea.

M: Exactly, you have nothing to worry about. He's a lovely guy, and he'll be happy to help. (15)


Question 12: Why does the woman want to have a car? (出现在对话开头)

Question 13: What does the woman say about German cars?.

Question 14: What does the man recommend the woman do?

Question 15: What do we learn about the man's friend from the conversation?