TOP 10《王冠》第四季 The Crown Season 4

IMDb:8.5 豆瓣:9.2

The historical drama follows the private and public lives of the royal family and is now on its fourth season, set in 1970s England. Starring Olivia Coleman,Gillian Anderson and Emma Corrin, the show has gained a significant following of loyal fans.
"The show's impeccable casting, rich period-appropriate costumes, and nuanced portrayal of the royal family's relationship makes the show an impressive work of fiction, based on historical events," IMDb states.

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TOP 9《猎魔人》第一季 The Witcher Season 1
IMDb:8.2 豆瓣:7.4
The series is based on Andrzej Sapkowski's fantasy novelseries, "The Witcher," and stars Henry Cavil as Geralt of Rivia. The show was on IMDb's MOVIEmeter Top 10 for seven weeks and had three of its cast members on IMDB's Top Stars and Breakout Stars of 2020 list.
《猎魔人》改编自安杰伊·萨普科夫斯基的同名奇幻小说系列,由亨利·卡维尔饰演利维亚的杰洛特。该剧集霸占了IMDb MOVIEmeter Top 10榜单七周之久,其中的三位卡司登榜IMDb2020最佳影星及新星。
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TOP 8《西部世界》第三季 Westworld Season 3

IMDb:8.4 豆瓣:8.3

The latest season of "Westworld" took the story outside the park walls and introduced new cast members Aaron Paul, Vincent Cassel,Lena Waithe. This is the third year in a row that "Westworld" has made the Top 10 TV Shows list.
IMDb said its user interest stayed steady through some mixed reviews on the third season, keeping "Westworld" in the IMDb MOVIEmeter Top 10 for its entire eight-week run. It has been renewed for a fourth season.
IMDb表示,他们的用户虽对这一季内容评价不一,但都还保持了一定的兴趣,这也是让其连续八周成为IMDb MOVIEmeter Top 10榜单的常驻。该剧已续订第四季。
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TOP 7《伞学院》第二季 The Umbrella Academy Season 2
IMDb:8.4 豆瓣:8.0
The Netflix original series carried a lighter tone into its second season, without skimping on the drama or emotion, IMDb said.
Created by Steve Blackman, The Umbrella Academy is a superhero series based on the comic book series of the same name. It has a family of former child heroes, now grown apart, who must come together to continue to protect the world.
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TOP6《后翼弃兵》The Queen's Gambit

IMDb:8.7 豆瓣:9.0


This limited series became the No. 1 title on IMDb and Netflix for nearly a month after it was released in October and placed Anya Taylor-Joy in IMDb's Top Stars of 2020 list.
今年十月开播以来,这一限定剧在IMDb和网飞上占据了近乎一个月的榜首位置,主演安雅·泰勒-乔伊也上榜了2020 IMDb最佳影星。
The show takes place in the competitive world of chess in the 1960s and was described by IMDb as "thrilling, fashionable, relatable and cautionary."

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TOP 5《曼达洛人》第二季 The Mandalorian Season 2
IMDb:9.0 豆瓣:9.5

The incredibly popular series was on the IMDb MOVIEmeter for its entire first and second season.
Season 2 brought Rosario Dawson and Katee Sackhoff bak as AhsokaTano and Bo-Katan Kryze, and brought back Boba Fett, Djarinand "The Child."
第二季的《曼达洛人》有罗莎里奥·道森饰演的Ahsoka Tano、凯缇·萨克霍夫饰演的Bo-Katan Kryze,波巴·费特和丁·贾伦还有尤达宝宝也悉数回归。

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TOP 4《黑钱胜地》第三季 Ozark Season 3

IMDb:8.3 豆瓣:8.5


Ozark is a crime drama series that streams on Netflix with the third season being dropped in March 2020. The story is about a financial advisor who moves with his family from Chicago to the Missouri Ozarks, where he must launder money to appease a drug boss. It has been renewed for a fourth and final season.
TOP 3《暗黑》第三季 Dark Season 3

IMDb:9.0 豆瓣:9.2


The German series that's known for complex characters, timelines and realities delivered even more twists and turns in its third and final season.
TOP 2《纸钞屋》第四季 Money Heist Season 4
IMDb:7.4 豆瓣:9.0
Spanish show La Casa de Papel aka Money Heist dropped its Part 4 in April on Netflix.The plot has a gang of robbers who attempt to carry out the most perfect heist on the Royal Mint of Spain, and then on the Bank of Spain. The fifth and final season is set to air in 2021.

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TOP 1《黑袍纠察队》第二季 The Boys Season 2
IMDb:8.3 豆瓣:8.6
The superhero show was created by Eric Kripke and based on "TheBoys" comic books by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson.The story follows a team of vigilantes as they attempt to expose a superhero-managing conglomerate.
这一超英剧由艾力克·克莱普科担任编剧,改编自同名漫画(作者Garth Ennis及Darick Robertson),讲述了一群“义警”试图曝光超英管理集团(内幕)的故事。
The show is still on IMDb's Top 20 Shows and will air its third season in 2021. Jensen Ackles of "Supernatural" will join the cast as Captain America-inspired "Soldier Boy."

该剧集仍在IMDb'sTop 20榜上有名,并会在明年放送第三季。《邪恶力量》男星詹森·阿克斯将会加入,饰演由美国队长为灵感塑造的“士兵男孩”一角。






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