2、 重复实义词

  e.g. 但是这个事件非常重要,向全世界发出一个信息, 就是中国政府不会为一个金融企业还债。

  But this incident is of great significance, for it has sent a signal, a message to the entireworld, that is, the Chinese government will not repay the debts for the financial institution orfinancial firm.

  3、 重复不定式符号

  e.g. 所以我们今后要加强基础设施的建设,加强农村广大市场的开发。

  So, in the future we intend to increase and step up the construction of infrastructure and toexplore and open up the vast market in the rural areas.

  4、 重复介词

  e.g. 美国没有签署关于种族隔离、种族歧视、禁止酷刑、歧视妇女等公约。

  The United States has failed to sign a series of human rights conventions, for example, onapartheid, on racial discrimination, on the prohibition of torture, and on discriminationagainst women.

  5、 重复连接词

  e.g. 只要我们高理论的旗帜, 在以党中央的领导下, 紧紧地依靠全国人民群众,我相信本届政府将无往而不胜。

  As long as we hold high the great banner of  Theory and as long as we have theleadership of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade  at the core and as longas we rely totally on the entire Chinese people, then the current government will be able tosurmount any difficulty and will greet, will usher in success and triumph one after another.



  e.g. 美国在亚洲大力推行资本的过分流动,促成了危机的发生。 而在危机发生以后通过国际金融组织给它贷款。

  The United States actually played a part for promoting the overflow of capital in Asia. That isprompting the eruption of the crisis in Asia. And after the eruption of the crisis, theinternational financial institutions have come out to extend loans to these countries.


  1、 so as to

  e.g. 我们愿意同美方共同努力, 排除一切干扰, 排除各种障碍,以把一个健康、稳定的中美关系带入下一个世纪。

  We are prepared to work together with the US side to remove all kinds of interferences orobstacles so as to/(NOT to) bring a sound and stable China-US relationship into the nextcentury.

  2、 in terms of

  e.g. 您刚才提到勒一季度的工业增长情况。

  Just now you mentioned the progress that has been made in the first quarter of this year, interms of the growth rate of industrial production.

  3、 year

  e.g. 中国加强宏观调控的政策是在1993年。

  It was in the year 1993/in the year of 1993 that China stepped up its policy of macro-regulation and control.

  4、 year’s time

  e.g. 这个任务(分流政府机构工作人员)要在3年内完成。

  We plan to cut half of the working staff working in the government institutions in three years’ time.



   汉语多使用种类词

   汉语多使用动词,英语多使用名词、介词作为动作

  e.g 您有什么样的方法可以加快中国电讯市场的竞争步伐?

  What measures do you plan to adopt to accelerate the competition in the telecom sector inChina?

  e.g. 我想这样的文章的出现也反映泽现在美国的那一段潮流。

  I think the emergence of such an article has reflected the anti-China wave that has emerged inthe US.



  1、有=there be?

  e.g. 另外, 有些日本人比较担心中国的核试验。请您谈一谈这些问题。

  And another question is some people in Japan are worried about China’s nuclear test.

  出现= appear?


  However, over the past two years the domestic market has been relatively saturated.

  2、 是=be? 前后不等值

  e.g. 过快地要求一个国家开放它的资本市场,过分的资本流动性, 往往是欲速则不达。

  To urge a country to liberalize or open its capital market too quickly or to ask or to request anover of capital in a country would only result in what we say “more haste, less speed”.

  3、 使、让

  理论依据:汉语中不及物动词较多, 例如:使、让等;而英语中多及物动词。我们不要一看到汉语中的不及物动词就自动翻译成:make, let 等。(这点在晁艳和陈怡的译文中经常出现)

  e.g. 我们已经确定了我们在三年左右的时间里要使大多数国有大、中型企业摆脱困境。

  We have decided to lift most medium and large-sized SOEs enterprises from current difficultsituations in about three years’ time.

  e.g. 最让您不满的是什么?

  What dissatisfied you most?

  4、 不能


  e.g. 香港已经回归了, 澳门很快也要回归, 我想完全地实现祖国统一的问题中不能无限期地拖下去吧。

  The realization of the complete reunification of the motherland of China, in my view, should notbe delayed indefinitely.

  5、 去年(今年)… 月

  理论依据:假如在7、8月份以后(含7月份)的时候说当年的一月,应该为:last January

  换言之,周三说:last Monday, 老外自己也搞不清楚是本周一还是上周一。

  e.g. 我们同美国在今年一月已经回复了中断4年之久的有关问题的磋商。

  In January of this year, we resumed the human rights dialog with the US, which had beensuspended for 4 years.

  e.g. 去年5月份以后,中印关系收到了损害。

  Last May, Sino-Indian relations have been undermined.

  五、 简化词尾变化


  1、 简化为 will be (have)

  e.g. 我不知道在座诸位有没有耐心听我讲下去。

  I wonder whether all of you present today will have the patience to listen to me.

  e.g. 朱总理的这次访美的主要目的是增进了解。

  The major objective of Premier Zhu’s visit to the US will be to enhance mutualunderstanding.

  2、–s; -ing

  理论依据:中国学生难以避免第三人称不加s的问题,中国学生不太容易犯be doing 的错误。

  e.g. 他们几次反复地说,印度方面现在并不认为中国对印度构成威胁。

  They have repeatedly stated that at present India does not think China is posing a threat toIndia.

  3、 避免使用动词


  e.g. (问题是这种债务是不是该由政府来偿还?)当然不应该。

  The answer is of course negative.

  Of course not.

  六、 汉语动词的处理


  a. 添加宾语

  b. 转用英语名词

  e.g. 在这个问题上我重复了这么多遍以后, 我今天实在不想再讲了。

  After repeating so many times on the question of human rights, I am really very reluctant totalk about it any more today.

  e.g. 我只是说,经济的发展、金融的开放必须要有宏观调控, 要根据每个国家的具体情况实行不同的宏观调控的政策。

  What I want to say is that the economic development and the financial liberalization must beaccompanied with the macro-regulation and control policy; and different policies of macro-regulation and control should be adopted according to the specific conditions of differentcountries.

  七、 汉语代词转为英语实词


  e.g. 去年中国之所以能够避过了亚洲金融危机的影响, 那就是因为我们在1993年已经发生了这种金融危机, 信号我们在它还没有扩大的时候就把它制止住了。

  The reason why China has managed to avoid the effect of the Asian financial crisis last year wasthat we already experienced such a kind of financial crisis in 1993. and fortunately wemanaged to check such a a financial crisis befoe it spread.