1. A)She can devote all her life to pursing her passion
2. D)Science education and scientific research.
3. A)A better understanding of a subject.
4. B)By making full use of the existing data.
5. B)They have no special meanings.
6. C)She dreamed of a plane crash.
7. D)They can have an impact as great as rational thinking
8. C) They reflect their complicated emotions.
9. A) Radio waves.
10. B)It may have micro-organisms living in it.
11. D)Shed light on possible life in outer space.
12. A)He found there had been little research on their language.
13. D)He acted as an intermediary between Copeland and the villagers.
14. C)Laborious
15. B)Their sense of sharing and caring.
16. A)They tend to be silenced into submission.
17. D)One who rebels against the existing social orser.
18. C)They served as a driving force for progress.
19. B)It is impossible for us to be immune from outside influence.
20. D)Recognize the negative impact of his coworkers.
21. A)They are quite susceptible to suicide.
22. B)Few people can describe it precisely.
23. C)It is a well-protected government secret.
24. A)People had little faith in paper money.
25. A)The stabilization of the dollar bill.