XXis one of the most important historical and cultural heritage in China,originated in the ______ period ______ years ago.In the past,people expressed good wishes for ______ and later became the symbol of______.Now XX has become the way of ______ for people.

Nowadays,XXoften appears on some occasions in the world and becomes the symbol of Chinese culture.With the spread and exchange of world culture,more and more people will know,accept and like XX.


翻译一:Chinese lanterns,originated in the Western Han Dynasty more than 1800 years ago.

翻译二:Chinese lanterns first originated in Western Han Dynasty some 1,800 years ago.

代表考题:旗袍(2016年6月六级)旗袍(qipao)是一种雅致的中国服饰,源于中国的满族(Manzu Nationality)。在清代,旗袍是王室女性穿着的宽松长袍。上世纪20年代,受西方服饰的影响,旗袍发生了一些变化。袖口(cuffs)变窄,袍身变短。这些变化使女性美得以展现。如今,旗袍经常出现在世界级的时装秀上。中国女性出席重要社交聚会时,旗袍往往是她们的首选。很多中国新娘也会选择旗袍作为结婚礼服。一些有影响的人士甚至建议将旗袍作为中国女性的民族服饰。


Qipao,an exquisite Chinese clothing,stems from Manchu Nationality in China.In the Qing Dynasty,it was the loose robe for the royal women.In the 1920s,influenced by Western clothing,it went through some changes.For example,the cuffs went narrower,and the dress got shorter.These changes enable Qipao to fully show women's beauty.Today,Qipao quite often appears on world-class fashion shows.It is usually the first choice for Chinese women as they attend social parties.Meanwhile,many Chinese brides will select it as their wedding dress.Some influential figures even suggest making it as the national costume for Chinese women.






in recent years,more and more ______ have begun ______. Construction and development XX conducive to ______. More and more people are choosing XX as the main ways of daily. In many places,people can easlly achieve the goals of ______ as long as ______. This was unthinkable in the past.With the development of science and technology.XX will became more to ______ meet the needs of more people in the future.



Due to the rapid development of communication network,the number of Chinese smartphone users has increased at an amazingspeed in recent years,which has dramatically changed numerous peoples'way of reading.Nowadays,they always read news and articles through smartphones instead of buying traditional newspapers.The development of a large number of mobile applications enables people to read novels and other forms of literary works with their phones.Therefore,the sale of paper works has been affected.But the survey reveals thatalthough the smartphone reading market is growing steadily,more than half of the grown-ups still enjoy reading printing books.






XX is one of the ethnic minorities in China,______ population,and distributed in ______ XX nation has its own language ______ Custom for(dress and culture,etc.)______. The most famous festival is______ XX nation has its own unique culture ______ XXnationality is good at举例;藏族是中国少数民板之一。

翻译:The Tibetan Nationality is one of the ethnic minarities in China.

模拟考题:维吾尔维吾尔族(Uygur)是中国的一个少数民族。维吾尔族人喜欢愿奶茶,吃肉和用面粉烤制的谏(nang)。他们有自己的语言和文字。他们的文学具有一种独特的民族风格,其中“阿凡提的故事”(the Story of Afonfi)中国各族人民的喜爱。维吾尔族是个能歌善舞的民族,每逢节日和婚礼,他们都会邀请客人和他们一起跳传统民间舞蹈。他们的民歌优美动听,被广泛传唱。


The Uygur is a Chinese ethnic minority.Uygur people like to drink milk tea,eat meat and nangbaked with flour.They have their own spoken and written languages.Uygur literature is of a unique ethnic style,among which the Story of Afanti isfavored by all ethnic groups in China.The Uygur people are good at singing and dancing.They will invite guests to join them in their traditional folk dance in festivals and wedding ceremonies.Theirfolk songs sound beautitul and are widely sung.






XXis located in the province of a local Chinese.There ______ the history of the year.cavers an area of ______. XX is China's most ______ scenic spots.XX was buit in ______ Dynasty,then ueed______.Unlike general ______,the biggest characteristic of XX is ______. Nowadays,XX has been listed as ______. Attracts tourists trom all over theworld,many ______ people visit lt every year to______.


翻译一:Jingdezhen is known as‘China porcelain",has 1700 years of history.

翻译二;lingdezhen has a history of over 1,700years,which is known as the capilel of porcelain in China.



Wuzhen is an ancient water toiwn in Zhejiang province,which is located in the Grand Canal of Beijing and Hangznou.This is a charming place.having mary ancient bridiges,Chinese style hotels and restaurants,Over the past one thousand years,the water system and lifestyle of Wuzhen has nof experienced many changes,which isa museum showing ancient civlzations All the houses in Wuzhen are built of stone and wood.For hundreds of years,the local people bulit homes and fairs along the river.Countless beautiful and spacious courtyards ie among thehouses.thus the tourists would have a pleasant surprise when coming to here.







XX phenomenon refers to the ______,which is very common in China,because ______.______ pointed out that by ______ the number of XX will reach ______. It will lead to ______, and provide ______.


翻译:The Chinese Government's One Child Policy was put into effect only in 1978.




The year of 2011,in which the urban population excesses rural population for the first time,is the historical year in the process of China's urbanization.It's predicted that there will be about 350 million rural population migrating to the urban areas in the next 20 years.Such a large scale of migration to the city is both an opportunity and a challenge to the urban transportation.The Chinese government always claims the idea of people-onented development.and emphasizes the priority of public vehicles over private cars.It also appeals to build a soclety which is resources conserved and environmental friendly.With this specific goal,the Chinese can make better plan of its urbanization and convert large amount of its investment to the development of safe,clear and economical transport systom.






Along with the development of_______.China's ecanomic situatian _______.Takingas _______an example,the development of_______ is at th expense of_______.It is predicted that China wll basically realize_______and reach the level of _______by the_______ Currently,China is_______ so as to narrow down_______.


翻译:Credit cards are one of the most convenient devices ever created by the banking system,but,at the same time,one of the most dangerous.



Since the reform was launched in 1978,China has transformed from the planned economy into a market-based economy,experiencing Fapid economic and social development.On the average,10%of the GDP growth has made more than tive hundred mllmon people out of poverty The millennium development goal of the United Nations has baen roalized or are about to be reached in Michael Reinprecht present,the 12th five-year plan in China emphasizes the development of sarvice industry and solve the problem of environmental and social imbalance.The govemment has set up a goal to reduce poltution.Increasing energy afficiency,Improving the chance of education and health care,and enlarging the social security.7%of annuat economic growth target in China shows that the govermment attaches great importance to the quality of life rather than the growth rate.






"XX”is written in the______ period by ______.______is ______,and his thoughts/achievement is______.The book includes a total of______,mainly about the______ It reflects the______,______is a literary masterpiece.


翻译:Written in the 18th century,A Dream ofRed Mansions is a famous classical novel.


《红楼梦》(ADream of Red Mansionsl是营雪芹在18世纪中期的作品。它不仅是一部中国小说的巨作,同时也是世界文学的瑰宝。曹常芹出生于一个由极富没落到极贫的费族权势家族。基于他对生活的理解、进步的思想、认真的写作态度和高超的写作技能,他才能创作出《红楼梦》。这本书描述了一个封建大家庭的生活及其没落,小说中所写的家庭既是现实的反映、又是营雪芹自己家庭的小说化载者“梦”般的写照。


A Dream of Red Mansions was written by Cao Xueqin in the middle of the 18th century.It is not only a great Chinese novel but also a gem of worid literature.Cao Xueqin was born into a noble and powerful family which declined from extreme prosperity to poverty.Based on his own understanding of life,his progressive ideas,serious writing attitude and excellent writing skill,he was able to create A Dream of Red Mansions.

The book describes the life and declining fortunesof a large feudal family,which is both a realistic reflection and a fictional or"dream"version of Cao's own family.







XX Festival is China's tradifional festivals,in the lunar______month______days,there are______ years of history.On this day,people will______ http://will______.In recantyears,______has been______,and it gradually becomes______.


翻译:The Lantern Festival falls on the t5th day of the 1st Lunar month,Guessing lantern riddles U-Is an essential part of the festival.



Since ancient times,the Chinese people usually celebrate harvest in the Mid-Autumn,which is simisar to the custom of celethrating Thanksgiving in the North America.The Mid-Autumn has become popular all over China in the Early Tang Dynasty.The Mid-Autumn Feetival,ceiebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the iunar calendar,is a day for worshiping the moan.Al that day,family memaers get togather and enjoy the bright moon in the sky at night.In 2006,the Mid-Autumn was listed as a China cultural hertage,and in 2008 designated as a pUblic holiday.The moon cake,an indispensable food of the Festival,is often used as a gitt for relatives and friends or enjoyed in the tamly party.Traational moon cakes are imprinted with Chinese characters with such meanings as longevity","happiness"or"harmony"