Actor, director, and producer Chris Evans, best known for playing Captain America in Marvel films, has launched A Starting Point, a civic engagement platform that aims to connect lawmakers—from both major parties—with communities via video segments and other content.
Chris Evans既是演员、导演,又是制片人,他最著名的角色就是在漫威电影中扮演美国队长。他推出了公民都能参与的网站A Starting Point,目的是要让公众通过视频等内容和两大党派的立法者互动。

Serious question: Who in Congress has not yet met Chris Evans?
这里有一个很严肃的问题:国会中还有谁没见过Chris Evans?

Every time you turned around before the pandemic, it seemed like Captain America was roaming Capitol Hill.

The actor played the Marvel superhero in “Avengers: Endgame” and a string of other movies, and then kept showing up in Washington. No matter how many times he came, he set off a minor frenzy.

“It’s not every day you get to see Captain America in America’s capital,” tweeted Rep. Debbie Lesko this winter, except it felt like the opposite.
今年冬天,众议院议员Debbie Lesko在推特上说:“不是每天都能在美国首都见到美国队长”,但给人的感觉是在说反话。

He was there in February, chatting up everyone from Sen. Chuck Grassley to Sen. Bob Menendez. He was there in January, running a gauntlet of star-struck reporters as he tried to go to the bathroom.
二月份的时候他在那儿,和大家聊天,包括Chuck Grassley参议员和Bob Menendez参议员。一月份他也在那儿,想去卫生间时被狗仔队围堵。

He was there the previous winter too, rubbing elbows with Rep. Rosa DeLauro (who wore a helmet with a giant “A” on it), palling around with Rep. Dan Crenshaw (who showed off a glass eye inspired by the superhero’s red, white and blue shield), and distracting members of the Senate Foreign Relations committee (who heard rumors that Evans was just outside the room).
去年冬天也在那儿,和众议院议员Rosa DeLauro来往(他戴了一个印有大大的“A”的头盔), 结交了众议院议员Dan Crenshaw(他炫耀了一只玻璃眼球,其灵感来自于这位超级英雄的红白蓝三色盾),还吸引了参议院外交关系委员会成员的注意力(他们听说Evans就在门外)。

So when his face popped up again last week, it wasn’t a surprise. This time he appeared in virtual form, on a Zoom video call with the Problem Solvers Caucus, a bipartisan group of lawmakers. They wanted to know more about the launch of “A Starting Point,” his latest project and the whole reason he’s been hanging around so much.
所以上周他再次突然现身时,就不足为奇了。这一次他不是亲自来的,与问题解决者核心小组进行了视频通话,小组成员是两大党派的立法者。他们想要更深入地了解他最新发起的“A Starting Point”项目,他频繁出现也是因为这个项目。