Paris is gearing up for a battle for public space after the city’s mayor, Anne Hidalgo, said cafes, bars and restaurants would temporarily be allowed to set up tables on pavements and in parking spaces when they open this week.
巴黎市长Anne Hidalgo说咖啡厅、酒吧和餐厅本周营业以后,暂时可以在人行道和停车位上摆放桌椅,巴黎即将展开公共区域争夺战。

Coronavirus lockdown measures are being eased further on Tuesday, with food and drink establishments opening across most of France for the first time since 14 March. Paris, however, remains “orange” on the country’s Covid-19 map, meaning the virus is still circulating, and bar, cafe and restaurant owners have been told they can only serve customers outside on terraces and with strict physical distancing and protection measures in place.

“We have adopted a plan to help bars and restaurants for at least six months from March until the end of September,” Hidalgo told Le Parisien.

“One of these measures is the free occupation of a part of space in Paris. It could be pavements where possible or parking places. We could also close certain roads to traffic for some weekends to allow bars and restaurants to have more space.”

The establishments will be required to register their request to use the public space online and sign up to a 10-point “charter” of good behaviour.

Along with physical distancing and protection measures, bars, cafes and restaurants must close at 11pm, limit noise nuisance and avoid blocking pavements to pushchairs and people with reduced mobility. They are not allowed to install electrical equipment or use plastic cups, and they must ensure the terraces are kept clean, particularly of cigarette ends.

Hidalgo said city hall wanted to start with a “principle of trust”, but warned that if establishments broke the charter they would be fined and their permission to use temporary terraces would be revoked.