Is it normal for my baby to crawl backward?


Definitely. When your baby starts crawling — which usually happens between the ages of 7 and 10 months — she'll choose the most energy-efficient way to do it, says pediatrician Tanya Remer Altmann, editor of The Wonder Years: Helping Your Baby and Young Child Successfully Negotiate the Major Developmental Milestones.

无疑,“当你的宝宝开始爬行时(通常发生在7到10个月之间)——她会选择最省力气的方式(去爬行)。”儿科医生Tanya Remer Altmann,《神奇年代:帮助您的婴幼儿成功地谈判主要发展里程碑》的编辑这么说道。

If your baby's arms are initially stronger than her legs, she'll push or scoot backward. This is common, says Altmann, and doesn't mean that your baby's skipping a developmental milestone.

如果你的宝宝胳膊最初比腿粗壮,那么她会向后推动或踩下踏板。 Altmann说,“这很普遍,并不意味着您的宝宝正在跳过发展里程碑。”

Backward crawling will keep your baby busy, and she probably won't be bothered by it as long as she can move to where she wants to go. As her legs get stronger, she'll probably learn to crawl forward on her own.

向后爬行会使宝宝忙碌,只要她可以移动到想去的地方,它就不会被它打扰。 随着她的双腿变得更强壮,她可能会学会自己向前爬。

However, some backward crawlers need enticement to get things moving in a forward direction. To encourage your baby, put her favorite toy in front of her but just out of arms' reach.

但是,某些向后爬行的爬虫需要诱使物体向前移动。 为了鼓励宝宝,请将她最喜欢的玩具放在她面前,但不要伸手可及。

The struggle to get there might frustrate your little one, but give her a few moments to try to reach the toy without your help. This will help strengthen the muscles she needs to crawl forward.

虽然让孩子挣扎着达到目的地可能会使她感到沮丧,但是请给她一些时间,尝试在没有您帮助的情况下拿到玩具。 这将有助于加强她向前爬行所需的肌肉。

Note: It's okay if your baby never crawls forward or skips crawling altogether. The important thing is that she gets mobile. Find out more about the fundamentals of crawling and babies who don't crawl.

注意:如果您的宝宝从不向前爬行或完全跳过爬行,就是合适的。 重要的是她可以移动。 了解有关爬行和不爬行的婴儿的基础知识的更多信息。