If you are often humiliated, belittled or called names by a colleague, you could be facing a workplace bully. The bully's remarks and actions may seem harmless at first but they are meant to be offensive and to show you in a poor light.

Here are five situations a bully might put you in:

1. Constant prodding at meetings
1. 在会议上处处针对你

Some bullies take pleasure in interrupting you when you are making a presentation or are talking in an important meeting. They may ask questions unrelated to the presentation, or questions that could have waited till the end.

2. Taking credit for your work
2. 抢走你的工作成果

Another tactic that a bully might use is to take credit for your work.

3. Burdening you with extra work
3. 给你指派很多额外的工作

Newcomers to an organization sometimes get stuck with work over and above their job description.

4. Jokes at your expense
4. 拿你开涮

If your colleague often makes fun of you or passes sarcastic remarks about you or your work, it may be more than just banter.

5. Indecent remarks
5. 下流言论

Women at work sometimes have to hear indecent remarks or put up with glances that make them uncomfortable.