1. 经济

  economic globalization 经济全球化

  economic recession 经济不景气

  economic depression 经济萧条

  economic revival 经济复苏

  real estate 房地产

  remote areas 偏远地区

  money worship 拜金主义

  pirated products 盗版商品

  fake commodities 假冒伪劣商品

  unfair competition 不正当竞争

  turn losses into gains 转亏为盈

  with the quickening pace of modern life随着现代生活节奏的加快

  due to the huge progress of social civilization 因为社会文明的巨大进步

  quicken the pace of life 加快生活节奏

  meet the growing need of people 满足人民日益增长的需求

  2. 科技

  net citizens 网民

  Internet celebrities 网红

  online shopping 网购

  surf the Internet 网上冲浪

  information security 信息安全

  online live broadcast 网络直播

  driverless cars 无人驾驶汽车

  self-service supermarket 无人超市

  the advances in science and technology 科技的进步

  the advent of the information era 信息时代的到来

  be addicted to Internet 沉迷于网络

  be addicted to using mobile phones for entertainment and social contact 沉迷于手机的娱乐和社交功能

  make our life more convenient 让我们的生活更方便

  Internet has created alienation between people.网络导致人与人之间的疏远。

  3. 大学生活和教育

  compulsory courses 必修课

  elective courses 选修课

  higher education高等教育

  tuition 学费

  extra-curricular activities 课外活动

  academic atmosphere 学术氛围

  learning environment 学习环境

  reading extensively 博览群书

  reading selectively 有选择性地阅读

  exam-oriented education 应试教育

  education for all-round development 素质教育

  critical thinking 批判性思维

  study overseas 出国留学

  further study 深造

  scholarship 奖学金

  expand one’s knowledge 扩大某人的知识面

  enrich life 丰富生活

  broaden horizon 扩展视野

  college graduates 大学毕业生

  accomplish success 获得成功

  reduce the learing load 减轻学习负担

  fulfill students’ potential 发挥学生的潜力

  integrate the theory with practice 理论与实际相结合

  The favorable academic atmosphere will help students on campus enrich life, broaden horizon and accomplish success in the forthcoming future.良好的学术氛围有利于学生在校园丰富生活、拓宽视野,以及在即将到来的未来取得成功。

  4. 文化

  culture assimilation 文化同化

  culture heritage 文化遗产

  culture diversity 文化多样性

  cross-cultural exchange 跨文化交流

  respect cultural differences尊重文化差异

  explore foreign cultures探索外国文化

  worship everything foreign 崇洋媚外

  make China powerful and strong 振兴中华

  intellectual property 知识产权

  the mass medias 大众传媒

  spiritual civilization 精神文明

  5. 就业

  job market 就业市场

  undergraduates 大学本科生

  job seekers 求职者

  job applicants 求职者

  hunt for a job 找份工作

  unemployment 失业

  the jobless 失业者

  lose one's job 失业

  unemployment rate 失业率

  high-salary positions 高薪职位

  earn one’s living 谋生

  start up one's own business 自主创业

  take examination for a master’s degree 考研

  The job market has become increasingly gloomy 就业市场变得越来越惨淡。

  6. 交通

  pedestrians 行人

  traffic congestion 交通堵塞

  rush hour 交通繁忙时段

  car accidents 车祸

  relieve the traffic congestion 减轻交通堵塞

  aggravate the traffic congestion加重交通堵塞

  Too many private cars may cause more traffic congestion and pollute the air. 过多的私家车会引起更多的交通拥堵和污染空气。

  7. 环境资源

  litter 乱丢(垃圾)

  air pollution 空气污染

  reduce the emission of greenhouse gases 减少温室气体的排放

  over-exploitation 过度开发

  deforestation 乱砍乱伐

  desertification 沙漠化

  global warming 全球变暖

  greenhouse effect 温室效应

  save energy 节约能源

  solar energy 太阳能

  disposable plastic bags 一次性塑料袋

  disposable meal boxes 一次性饭盒

  disposable chopsticks 一次性筷子

  the destruction of ecological balance 生态平衡的破坏

  misuse natural resources 滥用自然资源

  ruin the environment 严重破坏环境

  use up the valuable resources 用尽珍贵的资源

  boost the economy at the expense of ecosystem 以牺牲生态环境为代价发展经济

  utilize the natural resource properly 合理使用自然资源

  garbage classification 垃圾分类

  waste recycling 废物回收利用

  reduce water and soil loss 减少水土流失

  lengthen people’s life expectancy 延长人类生命

  8. 动物

  protect wild animals 保护野生动物

  endangered species 濒危物种

  rare species 珍稀物种

  endanger biodiversity 威胁生物多样性

  go extinct 灭绝

  animal testing 动物实验

  over-fishing 过度捕捞

  over-hunting 过度狩猎

  animal rights activists 动物权益保护者

  9. 人类品质与道德

  honesty 诚信

  modesty 谦虚

  diligence 勤奋

  creation and innovation 创新

  teamwork 团队合作

  striving spirit 奋斗精神

  gratitude 感恩

  plain living 勤俭、艰苦朴素

  filial piety 孝顺

  loyalty 忠诚

  tolerance 宽容

  traditional Chinese virtues 中华民族传统美德

  comply with the law 遵纪守法

  comply with public morality 遵守公德

  respect the old and care for the young 尊老爱幼

  the lack of moral sense 道德感缺失

  support the elderly 赡养老人

  Maintaining this spirit is of great significance in daily life.在日常生活中保持这种品质非常重要。

  10. 健康话题

  food safety 食品安全

  workaholic 工作狂

  shopaholic 购物狂

  work overtime 加班

  physical exercise 锻炼身体

  the state of mind 心态

  physical and mental health 身心健康

  physically and mentally healthy 身心健康的

  11. 社会热点

  drunk driving 酒后驾驶

  juvenile crime 青少年犯罪

  drug-taking 吸毒

  gender discrimination 性别歧视

  Internet real name system 网络实名制

  population growth 人口增长

  population explosion 人口暴增

  birth control 计划生育

  housing problem 住房问题

  population aging 人口老龄化

  dropout students 失学儿童

  generation gap 代沟

  DINKS(double income no kids)丁克一族

  academic cheating 学术造假