[00:07.78]A new newspaper
[00:11.86]Soon after the term started,some Grade Eight students at May field School
[00:20.32]wanted to publish a newspaper. They held a meeting.
[00:26.80]Later,Arthur wrote this report about their meeting for the principal.
[00:34.95]We held a meeting after school Pansy,
[00:41.51]Tony,Joyce,Millie and I were at the meeting.
[00:48.17]First,we decided to elect the chief editor.
[00:54.83]Tony suggested that we should choose Joyce,because she has experience.
[01:03.79]She was editor of her class newspaper last year.Then we all voted for her.
[01:13.82]We elected Joyce to be the chief editor.
[01:19.39]Then Joyce took charge of the meeting.
[01:24.43]She said that we ought to elect a secretary next.
[01:30.31]She asked for suggestions.Millie suggested me,because I had experience too.
[01:40.94]I was secretary of the Drama Club last year.
[01:47.21]Then the others voted for me,and I was elected to be the secretary.
[01:55.15]I started taking notes.
[01:59.20]Joyce said that the other three would be editors of the paper.
[02:06.25]They would be responsible for different sections of the paper.
[02:13.51]Pansy asked which sections they would have.
[02:19.47]Joyce told them to talk it over among themselves,
[02:27.23]and said we would decide at the next meeting.
[02:33.47]Then we made a list of some other things we should discuss.
[02:41.41]For example,how often should we publish the paper?
[02:48.67]Should it be free to readers,or should they pay for it?
[02:56.04] What should we call it? We considered the last question briefly.
[03:05.47]Pansy said we ought to call it the Mayfield Sun.
[03:13.04]Millie suggested the Mayfield Mirror or the Mayfield Star.
[03:22.79]We all had different ideas,
[03:27.65]and so Joyce said that we should think about this a bit longer.
[03:33.60]We would make a decision about the name at the next meeting.
[03:41.34]We agreed to conclude the meeting then.
[03:46.90]We arranged to have the next meeting in one week's time.
[03:54.34]LISTENING Robert Wo has written this article for his school newspaper,
[04:05.89]but he has made some mistakes in it,
[04:10.75]Listen to him reading the article,and correct the mistakes.
[04:19.29]The first one is done for you.
[04:23.76]My Most Exciting Day was in September last year,
[04:29.40]at the annual Youth League Party in the park.
[04:34.44]The chief secretary started the party at 11 p.m.
[04:40.71]There were many League members from all over the city—about 2,000 in all.
[04:48.86]It was very exciting. First,we all said the our League Promise.
[04:55.71]Then we marched around the streets.
[04:59.55]After that we all formed into big circles dancing.
[05:05.11]A helicopter flew over us and took a photograph from the air.
[05:10.99]I have a copy of that photograph in my classroom now.
[05:16.24]After that,we had some activities.There were nineteen games stalls altogether.
[05:23.71]I played at a game.In the game,
[05:28.57]people tried to throw table-tennis balls into glass jars.
[05:34.81]It was good fun.I also had time to run around and look at the other games.
[05:42.75]There were some good shows,too.There was a talent show and a zoo,
[05:49.13]and a competition for people wearing the national costumes of different cities.
[05:56.18]At the end,we gathered in clubs and sang some songs.
[06:02.06]It was wonderful to see so many friends together,and I really enjoyed that day.
[06:09.32]SEAKING A Talk time Expressing congratulations,compliments and sympathy.
[06:24.97] When you pay compliments to people, you praise them.
[06:31.81]When you feel sorry for them,you show them sympathy.
[06:37.87]Expressing compliments Congratulations! Well done!
[06:47.25]You deserved to win! That's wonderful news!
[06:53.81]I'm delighted for you! Expressing sympathy. Oh,I am sorry!
[07:05.14]What a shame!What a pity! That's terrible! How awful!
[07:16.09]Hi,Paul. Long time no see.
[07:25.23]What's new? They've just elected me house captain.
[07:31.40]Congratulations!You deserve it.
[07:36.44]Thanks.What's new with you,Judy?
[07:41.61]Someone stole my new bike last week.
[07:46.89]That's terrible!You must be angry.You can say that again.