[00:00.00]沪江网 CHAPTER SIX READING Water talk
[00:06.58]Daisy was in the bathroom of her flat.
[00:11.44]She was brushing her teeth and the tap was on.
[00:17.32]Water was pouring into the sink and vanishing down the drain.
[00:24.69]"Turn that tap off,'a voice said loudly. Daisy froze.
[00:33.04]She looked round,but saw no one.'Turn that tap off.You're wasting water,'
[00:43.70]the voice sounded impatient.
[00:47.83]This time Daisy obeyed.'Who ... who are you?'
[00:55.56]Daisy's voice was faint.'I'm water.
[01:02.33]It's not easy for me to get here.Do you know where I'm from?'
[01:10.37]'From the tap,I suppose,'said Daisy.
[01:16.23]'Yes,yes,but before that?'the voice said.'
[01:23.17]24 days ago,I was floating comfortably in a cloud in Jiangxi,enjoying the view.
[01:33.34]Then the cloud dropped me into a stream
[01:40.18]and I sped down the mountain into the Yangtze River
[01:47.62]You know where that is I hope.'Daisy nodded.
[01:54.26]'Well,the Yangtze River carried me to a reservoir.
[02:01.50]I relaxed there for a few days,
[02:07.24]and then I travelled a long way and ran into the Huangpu River.
[02:16.20]Then it was time to get cleaned up.''Cleaned up?'Daisy sounded puzzled.'Yes.
[02:29.16]I was dirty after my journey so they took me to a water treatment works.
[02:39.01]They gave me a thorough cleaning and added a few chemicals to me.
[02:46.16]Then I travelled in the pipes under the streets.
[02:52.62]I waited there until you called me,and here I am.'Daisy said,
[03:01.58]'So this is the end of your journey.'
[03:05.34]'No.When you've finished with me,I'll go to a sewage plant.
[03:13.59]Then they'll pump me into the riverand I'll be back in the sea again.'
[03:21.14]'Again?'Yes.That's where I came from in the first place.
[03:29.19]Remember not to waste me or pollute me.
[03:35.54]I'm precious,like liquid gold.See you.'
[03:43.71]'Wait a minute.What do you mean by liquid gold?'But there was no reply.
[03:51.86]The water had gone. Daisy came out of the bathroom.
[03:59.44]Her brother said,'I thought I heard voices in there.
[04:06.00]Who were you talking to?' 'To the water,'Daisy said.
[04:13.44]'I was talking to the water' Benny shook his head.'
[04:20.21]Sometimes you're weird, Daisy,'he said, 'really weird.'
[04:27.68]Listening Picture sequencing Listen to the coin's story.
[04:38.83]The pictures below are not in the right order.
[04:44.60]Write the numbers 1-8 to show the right order.
[07:03.26]SPEAKING A Talk time [][e]
[07:17.03]A1 a pan a pat a tan a man
[07:34.87]2 a pen a pet a ten men
[07:49.63]3 pan pen pat pet
[08:05.20]tan ten man men
[08:16.95]A2 Ten men with tans,Ben with a fan,A man with a pet,Jack with a net
[08:35.32]A3 C:Do you sell pens?
[08:42.97]A:We sell pens,pans,nets, caps, pets, bags, ...
[08:55.54]C:Give me ten pens,please.How much is that?
[09:01.00]A:Seventy-three dollars. C:Here's a hundred.
[09:07.37]A:And here's twentyseven dollars change.
[09:12.72]A4 'No eggs again!'said Ben. 'Some eggs,please, my pet hen!'
[09:27.17]The hen,whose name was Pat,Replied,'I want a hat.
[09:36.42]'Ben found a hat inside his flat.He said,'Pat, here's a hat.'
[09:45.87]'Get me a nest,Ben,'said the hen.'I need a nest to do my best.'
[09:55.12]Then in a chest,Ben found a nest,And Pat sat on it,for a test.
[10:04.87]'You have a hat and a nest for your legs,But where,'said Ben,'are all my eggs!'
[10:15.21]'Ben,you are kind,'said Pat,and then She laid the eggs,from one to ten!
[10:32.24]B The oceans cover 2/3 of the Earth,but ocean water is salty.
[10:43.29]That is to say,most of the water in the world is not drinkable!
[10:50.84]90% of all the water on Earth
[10:56.01]that human beings can drink right now is underground.
[11:02.07]It is very easy to pollute groundwater
[11:07.64]For example,4.5 litres of paint
[11:14.12]or about 1 litre of motor oil can seep into the earth
[11:22.06]and pollute 1,125,000 litres of drinking water!
[11:31.72]A leak that fills up a coffee cup in 10 minutes
[11:38.49]will waste over 13,500 litres of water in a year.
[11:47.13]How much water is that?
[11:50.97]You would have to drink 65 glasses of water every day
[11:58.34]for a year to get that much water! If you leave the water running
[12:07.20]while you brush your teeth,you can waste 22.5 litres of water.
[12:15.24]That is enough to fill 65 cans of soft drink!
[12:22.19]If you leave the water running while you wash the dishes,
[12:28.12]you can waste 135 litres of water—enough to wash a whole car!
[12:37.26]Believe it or not,the water we flush down our toilets starts as fresh water!
[12:46.41]Each time you flush,your toilet uses about 22.5 to 31.5 litres of water.
[12:58.06]But it does not have to!A shower usually takes at least 5 minutes.
[13:07.51]So every day,you could use 112.5 litres of water taking one shower.
[13:18.85]In a year,that is almost 45,000 litres for your showers!
[13:27.18]Taking a bath uses even more water than showers — about twice as much.
[13:36.46]A bath can easily use 225 litres of water.