[00:00.00]沪江网 CHAPTER FIVE READING Some Days
[00:10.68]I didn't find it interesting,listening, I didn't find it interesting,talking,
[00:23.07]so I lelf the house-I went miles and miles-
[00:31.32]And I didn't find it interesting,walking,
[00:36.96]I didn't find it interesting,reading,I didn't find it interesting,writing,
[00:48.72]so I left the house-I went miles and miles-And that wasn't terribly,exciting.
[01:01.60]I didn't find it interesting,television there wasn't much on, that night,
[01:12.75]so I sat in a chair and I went to sleep,a dull old day,Alll right.
[01:23.93]Kit Wright Never a dull moment If you like to keep lively,
[01:32.89]If you hate being bored,Just come down to our house find knock on the door.
[01:41.96]It's the noisiest house In the whole of our town,
[01:48.12]There's doors always slamming find things foiling down.
[01:55.20]There's my dad,who keeps shouting,find my mum,who breaks things.
[02:03.56]The baby (who'll bite you!) find our dog running rings.
[02:11.21]There's my sister the screamer find my brother who roars,
[02:19.86]and a grandpa who's stone deaf (He's the one who slams doors).
[02:27.91]So come down to our house,you don't need the address,
[02:35.48]you'll hear it ten miles away find the outside s a mess.
[02:42.74]you won't mind the racket,you'll just love the din
[02:50.40]—For there's never a dull moment In the house we live in!
[02:57.53]Tony Bradman
[03:00.56]LISTENING Correcting mistakes in a poem
[03:10.09]Benny has written a poem about a typhoon (in Hong Kong),
[03:16.65]but he made some mistakes when he wrote it out.
[03:23.52]Listen.Benny is saying the correct words.
[03:30.89]Cross out tht mistakes and write the correct words. one is done for you.
[03:46.35]A typhoon is coming. It's coming this way!
[03:53.01]There are planes in the harbour,Some blue and some brown,
[04:02.08]But a typhoon Is coming,To blow them away.
[04:08.32]There were people at work And people at home.
[04:14.98]Now the typhoon is here,They've all gone away.
[04:22.06]A waiter was holding Ten plates on a table.
[04:28.23]But the typhoon came slowly,And blew them away.
[04:35.88]There were houses in Shatin,Just eating their sandwiches,
[04:43.14]When the typhoon came in And blew it away.
[04:49.59]Now the typhoon has gone,'Thank goodness!'we say,
[04:56.96]And we won't have another,For many a week.
[05:03.02]SPEAKING A Talk time Saying you are concerned;
[05:17.47]making,accepting and rejecting a suggestion
[05:52.52]J:What's the matter,David?
[06:00.25]D:I'm bored.J:Why don't we go bowling?
[06:08.12]J:And afterwards,let's go for a snack somewhere.
[06:14.28]D:No,thanks.I don't feel like eating.
[06:23.87]B One,two,Put on your shoe. Three,four.Open the door.
[06:35.34]Five,six,Pick up sticks. Seven,eight,Sit up straight.
[06:44.58]Nine,ten,Give me a pen.
[06:49.73]C Read For Fun
[06:55.06]There was a tree that stood in the ground.
[07:00.05]The prettiest tree that you ever did see;
[07:05.38]The tree in the wood,and the wood in the ground,
[07:11.12]And the green grass grew all round,round, round.
[07:17.47]And on this tree there was a limb,The prettiest limb you ever did see;
[07:25.34]The limb on the tree,and the tree in the wood,
[07:30.19]The tree in the wood,and the wood in the ground,
[07:35.84]And the green grass grew all round, round, round.
[07:42.08]And on the limb there was a nest,The prettiest nest you ever did see;
[07:50.44]The nest on the limb,and the limb on the tree,
[07:55.51]The tree in the wood,and the wood in the ground.
[08:01.44]And the green grass grew all round,round,round.