[00:04.18]A dangerous sevant.
[00:10.74]One evening,Daisy said 'I'm going to the shop to buy a packet of sweets.
[00:19.10]Does anyone want anything? 'Benny,Daisy's brother said,'Yes.
[00:28.24]Can you get me a packet of electricity,please?'Daisy said,
[00:35.60]'Right,'and went out.Benny laughed,'Ha!Ha!I've tricked Daisy at last.
[00:45.45]She doesn't even know what electricity is.
[00:50.60]She thinks you can buy it in packets,like sweets!She'll really look foolish.'
[00:59.38]Mum said,'Do you know what electricity is?'
[01:05.93]Benny said,'Yes.Electricity flows through a wire.
[01:12.39]A meter measures the amount you use,and you get a bill for it monthly.
[01:20.04]It's like water,in a way.''That's not a bad explanation,'said Dad,
[01:28.82]'although electricity is much more dangerous than water.
[01:35.37]Electricity is a good servant,but a dangerous one.
[01:42.64]You must always be careful with it.
[01:47.68]Can you tell me what it looks like?'Benny scratched his head.
[01:55.85]Dad said,'Nobody's ever seen electricity.It's invisible.
[02:04.50]But we can change it into forms of energy that we can see,hear or feel.
[02:13.46]Can you think of an example?' Benny said,'Light!
[02:21.22]The light in a light bulb. Mum said,'That's right.
[02:28.77]Do you know where electricity comes from?'Benny said,
[02:35.92]'Well,it comes into our flat through thin wires,
[02:41.99]and these are connected to thick wires that are buried under the street.'
[02:49.93]'We call the thick wires cables,'said Dad
[02:58.47]'What are they connected to?''A reservoir?'asked Benny.
[03:07.30]'No.You're thinking of water,' said Dad.'They're connected to a power station.
[03:18.66]That's where we make electricity.'Daisy came back.
[03:27.02]Benny said politely,'May I have my packet of electricity?'
[03:34.88]There was a grin on his face'Yes,you may,'said Daisy.'Here it is.'
[03:45.23]Benny said,'But these are batteries!'Daisy said,'That's right.'
[03:56.56]'But...but...,'said Benny.
[04:02.23]'Daisy's right,'said Dad.'They're packets that contain electricity.
[04:11.90]The chemicals inside produce electricity.'Daisy said,
[04:20.73]'Didn't you know that,Benny?'Mum said,'Who's looking foolish now, Benny?'
[04:34.83]Understanding the main points of a dialogue.
[04:40.71]There is a problem with the electricity in Benny's flat.
[04:46.96]Sometimes,all the electricity goes off.
[04:52.60]An electrician has come to deal with this problem.
[04:56.86]Listen to the conversation between the electrician and Benny's mother.
[05:03.73]They are trying to find out which things were switched on or off
[05:12.37]when the electricity stopped.Circle OFF or ON next to the objects
[07:09.87]SPEAKING A Talk time [i],[n]
[07:23.43]1.a line a light a lock
[07:36.18]a lot a look
[07:41.17]2.a nine a night a knock
[07:50.23]a knot a note
[07:55.09]3.line nine light
[08:04.52]night lock knock
[08:11.39]lot knot
[08:16.43]A2 1.A knock on the door,a light in the night,a note on the floor.
[08:37.09]2.Nine knocks on nine lines.
[08:46.52]3.Lucky Lily lives in London.Nelly is her neighbour.
[08:57.89]Lucky Lily plays all day.Nelly has to labour.
[09:06.25]A3 No news from Norman No letter from Linda.
[09:17.01]I'll give Norman a call at nine.And I'll write a letter to Linda.