[00:04.49]Blind man and eyes in fire drama
[00:14.34]John F Dancer's troubles
[00:19.70]began as soon as he walked into the Dragon's Head Hotel with his friend,Charlie.
[00:29.15]Together they went to the reception desk.
[00:34.40]John said,'Good evening.My name's Dancer.My initials are JF.
[00:45.77]I've booked a room here.Can I have my key,please?'
[00:52.74]The clerk said,'You're welcome to stay,sir,
[00:59.09]but we don't allow pets in this hotel.'
[01:04.44]'Pets!'exclaimed John.'Charlie isn't a pet.
[01:12.10]I'm blind and he's my eyes.He takes me everywhere.Don't you,Charlie?'
[01:23.04]Charlie barked.It sounded like 'Yes'.'I'm sorry, sir,'the clerk repeated,'
[01:33.49]but the hotel rules say John interrupted,'Please call the manager.'
[01:42.95]The manager came.He agreed at once that John and Charlie could both be guests.
[01:54.10]He led them personally to their room.Before entering,John said,
[02:03.25]'Can you tell me the location of the fire exit?'
[02:09.88]'It's the fifth door along from yours,'said the manager.
[02:16.65]'Thank you,'said John.'Safety first,you know
[02:22.39]'You're very sensible,sir,'the manager said.
[02:28.35]He then described John's room to him,and left.
[02:35.19]John tells us in his own words what happened next.'
[02:41.75]I was tired and went to sleep.Charlie woke me.
[02:49.12]He was pulling at my blankets and barking.
[02:54.18]I smelt smoke! A fire! But where? Just then,the fire alarm went off.
[03:06.54]I went to the door of my room.I felt it.
[03:13.02]The surface was hot so I didn't open it.The fire must be outside.
[03:22.08]I wet some towels and put them along the bottom of the door.
[03:29.35]'I tried the phone.It was dead.I coughed.
[03:37.89]A little smoke was getting past the towels.
[03:43.76]So I lay on the floor with Charlie beside me and waited.
[03:51.03]The minutes seemed like hours.Then I heard it — the sound of a fire engine.
[04:01.89]It was music to my ears.'I opened the window,waved and shouted.
[04:10.44]Charlie barked.Moments later,I heard a voice.
[04:17.49]The fireman at the window didn't want to take Charlie.
[04:23.94]"It's against the rules,"he said. I explained about Charlie.
[04:31.88]Seconds later,we were both safe on the ground.'
[04:37.76]'So you saved Charlie's life!'I said.'Yes,and he saved mine,'said John.
[04:48.31]'Didn't you, Charlie?'Charlie barked.It sounded like'Yes'.
[04:56.05]LISTENING Following directions: labelling a plan
[05:07.23]John is staying in a different hotel.
[05:13.57]The manager is telling him about the hotel.
[05:19.45]Listen to their conversation
[05:23.71]and write the letters on the plan to show where these places are:
[05:31.96]A=John's bedroom B=the dining room
[05:40.22]C=the fire exit nearest to John's room
[05:46.75]D=the manater's office
[08:11.31]SPEAKING A Talk time Giving warnings
[08:24.06]Here are some ways of warning people,
[08:29.62]Be careful! Don't cross yet!Take care!
[08:37.96]There's a min bus coming!Look out!
[08:43.73]In front of you!Watch out!You're going to fall!
[08:52.87]A1 P:Let's have a look in the South Seas Shopping Centre.
[09:02.43]J:All right,but mind the steps as you go in.
[09:08.39]P:Thanks.Let's go along this way.
[09:12.65]J:OK,but watch out.The floor's wet.You might slip.
[09:20.69]P:Here's an antique shop.Let's go in.
[09:25.45]J:Right,but take care.Don't break anything.
[09:32.21]P:Oh,I like this vase.I'll just pick it up and...oops!
[09:38.87]J:Look out!You almost dropped it.
[09:44.93]P:Gosh,the label says it's 900 years old.
[09:50.39]But it only costs 64 yuan. I'm going to buy it.
[09:56.56]J:Be careful.Are you sure it's real?