[00:00.00]沪江网 Chapter 7 READING Page 93
[00:06.19]Nobody wins
[00:09.43](Part 2)
[00:12.17]After his supper of kangaroo soup,
[00:17.01]Gork lay down on his bed and almost immediately fell asleep.
[00:24.74]He was snoring.
[00:32.91]The noise shook the cave.
[00:40.36]'Listen,everyone,'I said.'Here's my plan.'
[00:50.02]From my pocket, I took my small, powerful laser torch.
[00:57.78]Because it was in a plastic case,the magnet could not attract it.
[01:05.23]'We'll use this to escape from the cage,' I said.
[01:10.79]'First,I'll melt the bars and then...' Peters interrupted me.
[01:19.05]'I know,Captain.
[01:22.10]Then you'll use the torch to kill Gork.'
[01:27.09]'Use your brains,' I said.'If we kill Gork,how will we escape?
[01:33.34]We're too weak to open the door.Here's what we'll do!We'll...'
[01:41.80]Moments later,we were all out of the cage.
[01:48.04]The crew was hiding among the kangaroos,
[01:53.11]and I was standing on the bed,beside Gork's head.
[01:59.77]I said loudly, 'Gork,this is Nobody.' Gork woke up.
[02:08.13]I aimed the torch at his eye and pressed the button
[02:14.37]The laser beam hit the eye.The eye went out.
[02:22.42]Gork roared,'I can't see!My eye!'
[02:30.28]The noise brought his neighbours running to his door.
[02:36.16]'What's wrong,Gork?' they shouted from outside.
[02:42.04]Gork shouted back,'It's Nobody.Nobody attacked me.Nobody damaged my eye.'
[02:52.49]The neighbours laughed and said,'Nobody attacked him.
[02:58.44]Gork's having a bad dream.
[03:02.88]Let's go back to bed.Good night, Gork.
[03:08.06]By this time,I had joined my crew among the kangaroos.
[03:14.72]Gork said,'Nobody,I know you're hiding among my kangaroos.
[03:23.47]I'll get you.You're finished,all of you.'
[03:29.84]He opened the cave door a little and called his kangaroos to come out.
[03:38.20]As they hopped through the narrow opening,one at a time,
[03:44.76]he felt their backs with his hands to make sure we were not on them.
[03:52.80]'What do we do now?' Peters whispered.
[03:57.84]'We can't get out on the kangarros.We're done for.'
[04:04.32]'Don't panic,Peters,'I said.
[04:08.40]'We can't get out on the kangaroos but we can get out in them.
[04:16.05]Here,get inside this one.'Peters climbed into the giant kangaroo's pocket.
[04:25.01]A few moments later,he hopped through the door to freedom.
[04:31.57]'That's how we all got free,'said Captain King,
[04:38.23]'and back to our ship and,eventually,back to the safety of the earth.'
[04:45.81]'What happened to Gork?'asked someone.
[04:50.66]'Gork? I don't know.
[04:54.50]Maybe he's still in his cave-looking for Nobody.'
[05:01.27]Everyone laughed except a figure in the captain's garden.
[05:08.14]It was moving silently towards the house.
[05:13.70]It was a huge figure, and in its face was a single,red,glowing eye.
[05:23.87]LISTENING Page 96
[05:28.52]Understanding time references
[05:33.69]Captain King is talking about his life and work.
[05:40.53]Listen to each item
[05:44.29]and decide whether he is talking about something he did in the past,
[05:51.76]something he often does,or something he is going to do in the future.
[06:00.59]Put a tick in the right column.
[06:05.24]1 When I was a young man I visited Venus,you know.
[06:13.50]2 We often have some green cheese from the moon after dinner.
[06:21.65] It's very tasty.
[06:25.02]3 I use a telescope everyday.It's very important to watch the stars.
[06:34.76]4 I had a difficult time with Gork.He's a terrible monster.
[06:42.42]I escaped from him about two years ago.
[06:48.27]5 Next year I'm going to take a lot of rubber plants to Mars.
[06:56.81]I think they will grow well on Mars.
[07:01.67]6 You like computer games,do you?
[07:07.42]Yes,I played computer games many years ago,
[07:14.29]but I don't play them now.
[07:18.05]7 It's my holiday next week,I'm going to planet Z.
[07:25.70]There're real dinosaurs on planet Z.
[07:31.13]I'm going to take some photos of them.
[07:35.78]8 I lived on a comet years ago,you know. Yes,I did.
[07:43.36]I had a small house on a comet
[07:48.09]and a nice garden out in front of it.
[07:52.22]That was about 25 years ago.
[07:57.20]SPEAKING Page 100
[08:02.17]A Talk time
[08:05.93]The sounds [s],[z] and [iz].
[08:13.01]Exercise A1
[08:16.95][s]an ant - ants
[08:22.60]a magnet - magnets
[08:26.54]a park - parks
[08:30.69]a pilot - pilots
[08:34.85]a plant - plants
[08:39.00]a ship - ships
[08:43.13][z] a dog - dogs
[08:48.30]a dream - dreams
[08:52.45]an egg - eggs
[08:56.40]a head - heads
[09:00.26]a kangaroo - kangaroos
[09:04.91]a star - stars
[09:09.07][iz] a box - boxes
[09:14.63]a cage - cages
[09:18.99]a case - cases
[09:23.25]a face - faces
[09:27.51]a house -houses
[09:31.77]a torch - torches
[09:36.31]Exercise A2
[09:40.28]1 Ants on plants,Flies on dogs,Matches in boxes,Eggs from frogs.
[09:54.83]2 Stars in the sky,Roses on the floor,Walks in the park,Knocks on the door.