[00:00.00]沪江网 CHAPTER SIX READING Page 79
[00:07.99]Nobody wins (Part 1)
[00:12.43]Captain King, Master Spaceman,has been all over space.
[00:21.19]He often tells his friends stories of his adventures.
[00:28.03]This is one of them.
[00:32.08]Peters,our navigator,was lost again.
[00:38.24]We were running out of food,
[00:41.80]so towards evening,we landed on an unexplored planet.
[00:49.06]Lam,our pilot,brought us down gently
[00:55.59]in a valley close to a great cliff of smooth,black rock.
[01:03.53]In the cliff there were doors-of two storeys high!
[01:09.59]All twelve of us left the ship and approached the doors carefully.
[01:17.14]One was a little open.
[01:20.61]We went through it into a huge cave.
[01:25.66]The furniture inside was earth-type,but huge!
[01:33.41]You could play tennis on the bed
[01:37.49]and have a bath in the bowl on the bedside table.
[01:43.65]'Let's get out of here,'Peters said.'
[01:49.30]This is the home of a monster.'
[01:55.25]'It's clearly partly human,so it may be a friendly monster,'I said.
[02:04.92]'Don't argue,'I said.'We are going to wait.'
[02:11.29]The ground began to shake.
[02:15.29]The door opened and some animals hopped in.
[02:21.92]They looked like kangaroos,giant kangaroos.
[02:30.67]Following them was a huge monster.
[02:35.95]It looked almost human except that it had a single,huge,red,glowing eye.
[02:48.20]The monster turned to close the door and shouted,'Good night,friends.'
[02:58.55]The friends outside shouted,'Good night, Gork.'
[03:06.02]Then Gork shut the door,turned round and saw us.
[03:14.17]He gave a roar that turned our blood to ice.
[03:20.12]'Aliens!Aliens in my cave.How did you get in here?'
[03:31.98]I thought fast,and said quietly, 'Good evening,Mr Gork.
[03:41.05]My name is Nobody and these people here are my ...'
[03:51.11]Gork roared again,'I know who you are.
[03:57.87]You're aliens and we kill all aliens in this valley.
[04:06.83]That's our custom.
[04:11.09]Tomorrow,at dawn, you are going to die!All of you.'
[04:20.34]Before we could move,
[04:23.89]Gork pressed a button on the wall beside him.
[04:29.53]Steel bars sprang from the ground around us and closed over our heads.
[04:38.99]We were caught like rats in a trap.
[04:44.03]Gork pressed another button,
[04:48.50]and a powerful magnet above the cage pulled our guns from our hands.
[04:59.73]'Well,Captain,'Lam said,
[05:03.88]'you were wrong about the monster being friendly, weren't you?
[05:09.84]And why did you say your name was "Nobody"?'
[05:17.00]'I have a plan and "Nobody"is part of it,I replied.
[05:25.64]'You'll see.'I turned to Gork and said,
[05:31.42]'Mr Gork,it is true that we are aliens,but why can't we be friends?
[05:39.96]Believe me,sir.We come in peace.'
[05:45.73]Gork said,'You come in peace,but tomorrow you'll be in pieces.'
[05:57.07]He roared with laughter,'But listen, Nobody.
[06:03.83]I'll do you a favour.
[06:07.67]Tomorrow,you'll be the last one to die.'
[06:14.02]Peters Turned towards me.When he spoke,his voice shook.
[06:21.47]'I hope your plan's a good one,sir.
[06:26.51]If it isn't ,we're all going to die.'
[06:32.28]'No,we're not,'I said.
[06:36.33]'We're all going to live,Peters!Trust me.'
[06:43.10]LISTENING Page 82
[06:47.64]Picture sequencing
[06:51.19]A few years ago,Gork's sister Gorkella visited Shanghai.
[06:58.04]Listen to the story of her visit on the recording.
[07:03.03]The pictures are not in the right order.
[07:06.79]Write the numbers 1-8 to show the right order.
[07:12.14]One is done for you.
[07:15.59]1 Gorkella wanted to visit China,she flew her spaceship over Shanghai.
[07:24.37]She landed her spaceship next to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower.
[07:31.13]2 Gorkella got out her spaceship,
[07:36.18]she walked around the streets looking at the shops.
[07:41.77]Unfortunately she stood on some of the cars.
[07:47.33]3 Then she decided to cross the river,she took the Pujing ferry.
[07:54.98]She sat on the roof so that she could see the view.
[07:59.95]4 Next she went to Chengfeng Park.
[08:04.99]It was a hot day,so Gorkella had a swim in the pool.
[08:10.95]5 After her swim Gorkella was hungry,
[08:16.90]so she went to a restaurant and had a sea food meal.
[08:21.86]She ate lots of fish.
[08:25.70]6 Then she walked over to Zhongshan Park.
[08:30.67]She was feeling tired,so she sat down.
[08:35.32]She sat on a big piece of wood.
[08:40.18]It went on the steps very fast.
[08:44.62]7 Gorkella decided it was time to go home.
[08:49.95]She took the underground back to the Oriental Pearl TV tower.
[08:56.14]The other passengers stood clear of the doors when she got out.
[09:01.70]8 Lots of people were angry with Gorkella,
[09:07.87]because she'd broken lots of things.
[09:11.52]She got on her spaceship and flew away to her home.
[09:16.98]SPEAKING Page 86 & 87
[09:24.14]A Talk time
[09:27.90]Expressing definite and indefinite intentions;
[09:36.44]giving advice and suggestions
[09:42.01]We can answer questions about our intentions like this:
[09:49.95]What are you going to do tomorrow?
[09:54.21]I'm going to play tennis.(sure:definite intention)
[10:02.15]I'm thinking about playing tennis.(not sure:indefinite intention)
[10:11.81]We can give advice to people like this:
[10:17.17]It's cold,You'd better put on a sweater.
[10:23.23]We can make suggestions like this:
[10:28.79]I'm bored.Let's go and watch a film.
[10:33.94]Exercise A1
[10:49.38]Hello,May.Are you going to watch the tennis match on Saturday?
[10:55.93]I'm thinking about it.
[10:59.70]I've got two tickets for front seats.
[11:04.87]You have!Then I'll come.
[11:09.41]Great!I'll meet you at the court at two thirty.
[11:16.08]At two thirty. Right.
[11:20.44]And May,you'd better bring an umbrella.
[11:28.54]The forecast says it's going to rain.
[11:33.29]OK.I won't forget. Bye. Bye.
[11:39.64]Exercise A2 Example:
[11:45.70]What are you going to do on Saturday?
[11:50.87]I'm going to tidy my bedroom.(definite)
[11:56.33]I'm thinking of tidying my bedroom. (indefinite)