[00:04.70] Page 63 Look it up!
[00:10.06]May's father bought her an encyclopaedia.
[00:16.30]Here are three of the articles she found in it.
[00:26.02]Dinosaurs lived on earth more than sixty million years ago.
[00:33.96]This was a long time before people existed.
[00:40.49]There were millions of dinosaurs.
[00:45.06]They lived everywhere. Some were as small as chickens.
[00:52.72]Others were as big as ten elephants.
[00:58.64]Some dinosaurs had wings and could fly.
[01:04.42]Many dinosaurs were harmless.
[01:08.96]They were as gentle as sheep and ate plants.
[01:14.84]Others were harmful.
[01:19.28]They were fiercer than tigers and ate meat,
[01:25.52]unlike most other dinosaurs.
[01:30.17]Dinosaurs all died suddenly. Nobody knows why.
[01:37.93]We know about the lives of dinosaurs from the skeletons,
[01:44.41]eggs and footprints they left behind.
[01:50.05](See Earth History)
[01:57.47]Diogenes was a famous thinker.
[02:02.44]He lived in Greece about two thousand years ago.
[02:08.97]He taught that the way to be happy was to own as few things as possible
[02:17.74]All he owned was a big jar that he lived in,a coat,a purse and a cup
[02:29.11]He was very happy.
[02:32.63]One day,he saw a small boy kneeling by a fountain.
[02:40.29]The boy was drinking water from his hands.
[02:45.75]So Diogenes threw away his cup and became even happier.
[02:57.84]Disneyland is a famous amusement park in the United States of America.
[03:06.02]There are also Disneyland Parks in Japan and France.
[03:12.47]Disneyland was created by Walt Disney(1901-1966),
[03:23.65]who is famous for his cartoon characters:
[03:29.82]Mickey Mouse,Donald Duck,Goofy,Snow White and many others.
[03:42.07]Walt was born in the USA.
[03:48.55]After leaving school and studying art at night,
[03:55.02]he sold newspapers and delivered mail.
[04:00.77]Finally he got a job that he really liked--drawing cartoons for films.
[04:11.53]Walt's most famous cartoon character, Mickey Mouse,was a real mouse.
[04:21.09]It sometimes sat on Walt's desk while he was working.
[04:27.44]Walt drew the mouse and put it in a cartoon.
[04:32.90]Soon Mickey became a star and Walt became rich and famous.
[04:42.36](See Cartoons)
[04:46.33]LISTENING Page 66
[04:50.98]Completing notes about a famous place.
[04:56.25]May is thinking about visiting Nanjing.
[05:01.71]She is listening to a travel programme about Nanjing on the radio.
[05:09.86]Help her to complete these notes about this famous place.
[05:17.81]Listen to the recording and write a figure or one word in each blank.
[05:27.05]The city of Nanjing was the capital of China for over a thousand years.
[05:38.10]One of the main attractions of Nanjing is the memorial to Dr Sun Yat-sen
[05:49.05]Dr Sun was one of the fathers of modern China.
[05:56.00]He helped to change China into a republic in 1911.
[06:05.56]Dr Sun died in 1925.He is buried in Nanjing.
[06:15.12]There is a special park where you can visit his memorial.
[06:21.57]The park is over 160 hectares in size.
[06:31.03]It consists of a forest of trees,and some beautiful buildings.
[06:39.78]The government of China looks after the memorial very well.
[06:47.51]In 1986,the government spent 1.2 million RMB.
[06:58.17]They repaired the roofs and walls of the buildings.
[07:05.25]About 8 million people come to visit the memorial every year.
[07:14.31]For many years,it was free.But since 1992,
[07:22.96]you must pay an entrance fee of 5 RMB.
[07:31.81]all the money is used to help with the repairs and cleaning work.
[07:40.07]Behind the Sun Yat-sen Memorial is the famous Purple Mountain.
[07:48.74]It is 449 metres high.
[07:55.27]You can get a cable car to go up the mountain.
[08:02.22]It is a beautiful place to go for a visit and to remember this famous man.
[08:11.68]SPEAKING Pages 71 & 72
[08:17.92]A Talk time Syllables English words are made up of different parts.
[08:28.58]These parts are called syllables.
[08:34.14]Words have one or more syllables.
[08:39.60]Exercise A2
[08:44.04]1 one syllable:dog wing brain solve
[08:55.90]2 two syllables:harmful ancient famous chicken
[09:08.65]3 three syllables:finally character newspaper skeleton
[09:21.92]4 four syllables:education experiment responsible uncountable
[09:34.17]Exercise A3
[09:40.34]1 abacus 2 Greece
[09:48.38]3 gentle 4 amusement
[09:57.03]5 footprint
[10:01.60]6 apologize 7 kneel
[10:10.43]8 encyclopaedia
[10:15.47]9 calculator
[10:20.23]Exercise A4
[10:24.59]1 use -- uses
[10:31.35]2 mix -- mixes
[10:37.00]3 wash -- washes
[10:43.16]4 catch -- catches
[10:49.33]5 cross -- crosses
[10:55.07]6 change -- changes
[11:02.15]7 enclose -- encloses
[11:09.31]Exercise A5
[11:13.57]1 arrive -- arrives
[11:19.81]2 wish -- wishes
[11:25.98]3 brush -- brushes
[11:31.25]4 choose -- chooses
[11:37.10]5 watch -- watches
[11:42.67]6 live -- lives
[11:48.00]7 fix -- fixes
[11:53.25]8 practice -- practices
[12:00.01]9 teach -- teaches
[12:06.49]10 die -- dies
[12:12.84]Page 76 MORE PRACTICE
[12:17.20]Panda is the name of an Asian animal.
[12:21.25]A panda is a large,black and white bear-like animal.
[12:26.71]It lives in bamboo forests on upper mountain slopes of south-western China
[12:34.36]The giant panda has a white chubby body
[12:38.91]with black legs and a broad band across the shoulders.
[12:44.47]It has a large round head,small black ears
[12:50.22]and a white face with a black patch around each eye.
[12:55.68]The panda grows from 1 metre to 1,5 metres tall and has a short tail.
[13:03.93]Most weigh from 90 to 136 kilos.
[13:09.50]Giant pandas are like bears in shape and size
[13:14.25]and in the slow clumsy way they walk.
[13:18.62]Like bears they can stand up on their hind legs.
[13:23.16]The female gives birth to one or two cubs once a year.
[13:29.09]A giant panda eats mainly bamboo shoots,
[13:33.95]though it eats other plants as well.
[13:37.61]A giant panda may eat as much as 9 kilos of food a day.