[00:00.00]沪江网 Page 33 Dealing with trouble
[00:05.49]Here is a page from Paul's diary.
[00:11.15]Paul is writing about an exciting thing which happened to him one day.
[00:19.51]Thursday,28th June Today my father and I were waiting for the ferry.
[00:29.47]People usually wait quietly,but this afternoon we heard a big argument.
[00:38.01]Two women tourists were shouting at a big man.
[00:44.67]He was shouting back at them.
[00:48.93]He held out a bag, and showed everyone that it was empty.
[00:54.70]The crowd stared at the three people.
[01:01.96]No one knew what was happening.
[01:06.22]My father moved through the crowd and said quietly to one of the women,
[01:14.97]'What's going on?'
[01:18.34]'They stole my friend's purse five minutes ago,' said the woman.
[01:26.28]'We were down in the bookshop,buying postcards.
[01:32.24]Three young men started talking to us.
[01:37.88]At first they were very friendly.
[01:42.74]Then suddenly my friend noticed that her purse was not in her handbag.
[01:52.20]Two of the men ran away.We followed this man here.'
[01:58.86]Then the bell rang, the gates opened,
[02:05.02]and everyone started going down onto the ferry.
[02:11.58]The man hurried aboard,and the two tourists went after him.
[02:18.95]'Wait,'said my father.
[02:23.02]'I don't want to go on that ferry.'
[02:27.28]This was strange.
[02:30.44]Was my father afraid of that man?
[02:35.72]I wanted to go and watch the action.
[02:40.44]But he hurried to an ice-cream shop.
[02:44.60]'Can I use your phone?'he asked theshop assistant.
[02:49.67]He quickly dialed 110.
[02:54.21]'I want to report a robbery.
[02:58.18]The man is on the ferry now.
[03:03.22]It just left a few minutes ago.'
[03:08.37]He looked down through the railings.
[03:13.20]'It's the"No.3 Ferry"'he said.
[03:17.43]'Please meet the ferry.'
[03:20.96]He gave some more details,and then put the phone down.
[03:27.52]We took the next ferry.As we got off, we saw them.
[03:33.76]Six policemen stood around the man,who was in handcuffs.
[03:40.81]The two women were talking to the police.
[03:45.99]'Well done,Dad,'I said as we walked by.
[03:51.73]'Good thinking!'
[03:54.89]LISTENING Page 36
[03:59.65]Completing notes of descriptions of people
[04:05.81]A Listen to the recording.
[04:09.97]You will hear one of the women tourists talking to a policeman.
[04:18.74]She is describing the two other robbers.
[04:24.80]Listen carefully and complete the descriptions
[04:30.97]by writing one word in each gap.
[04:36.53]P:Now could you describe the first man for me,please?
[04:44.29]W:Yes,certainly.He was aged about 20,
[04:50.25]he was quite tall and he was very thin.
[04:56.70]P:What about his hair?
[05:00.46]W:It was black and brown in color.
[05:05.79]He had quite long hair
[05:10.26]It was over his ears.
[05:14.62]P:I see...And his clothes?
[05:20.97]W:He was wearing a white T-shirt.
[05:26.64]I think it had some red writing on it.
[05:33.19]And he was wearing a pair of old blue jeans.
[05:40.45]P:Did you notice his shoes?
[05:45.42]W:I'm not sure.I think he just had black shoes.
[05:53.96]P:Good.Now,can you describe the second man?
[06:01.82]What about his age?
[06:06.97]W:He was younger,I guess he was about about 17 years old.
[06:16.01]But he wasn't as tall as the first man.
[06:21.44]He was rather short.
[06:26.40]P:What about his weight?
[06:30.77]W:Oh,he was very thin,too.
[06:36.33]P:And his hair?
[06:42.39]W:He had short hair I think.
[06:46.94]I couldn't see it really because he was wearing a black baseball cap.
[06:54.98]P:Can you remember his other clothes?
[07:00.23]W:Yes,he had a dark blue shirt and shorts, a pair of red shorts.
[07:10.97]P:And did you notice his shoes?
[07:16.24]W:Yes,he was wearing some old white trainers.
[07:23.79]P:Old white trainers. Right,thank you very much for your help.
[07:33.75]SPEAKING Pages 41 and 42
[07:39.62]A Talk time
[07:43.75]The sounds /t//d/
[07:48.90]Exercise A1
[07:52.66]/t/ crossed helped
[07:58.72]laughed pressed switched
[08:04.18]/d/ agreed apologized
[08:10.24]carried turned used
[08:16.20]/id/ ended scolded
[08:22.44]recorded lifted visited
[08:29.49]Exercise A2
[08:33.33]1 She switched it on.
[08:38.30]2 She pressed the button.
[08:45.06]3 She recorded the music.
[08:51.72]4 She switched it off.
[08:56.58]5 She lifted it up.
[09:02.43]6 She carried it downstairs.
[09:08.36]Exercise A3
[09:15.28]Did she switch it on?
[09:19.41]Yes,she switched it on.
[09:24.24]Page 46MORE PRACTICE
[09:28.48]Last Friday morning,
[09:31.72]I went to the park for some exercise.
[09:35.76]As I was crossing the road,I tripped on something and fell.
[09:40.91]Just at that moment, a taxi stopped behind me.
[09:46.19]The driver got out and came up to me.
[09:51.33]He asked,'How are you feeling?Don't worry.
[09:57.11]Let me take you to the hospital.'
[10:01.36]He quickly helped me to get into his car and drove to the nearest hospital.
[10:08.31]I had to stay in hospital for several days.
[10:13.88]As I was lying in bed,
[10:17.85]I wanted to say 'Thank you' to the driver.
[10:22.29]I looked round but the driver had already left.
[10:27.46]I feel much better now.See you next possible.
[10:32.92]He helped me when I needed it most.
[10:37.96]Could someone help me to find him,please?