[00:00.00]沪江网 CHAPTER TWO
[00:05.85]Page 19
[00:09.20]A day in the life of..
[00:13.32]WHIZ-KID WENDY
[00:17.19]Wendy Wang,15,must be one of the top students in Shanghai.
[00:23.72]She's already written several successful computer games.
[00:28.45]Now all of her family work in her business.
[00:33.12]And she's still at school!
[00:36.36]6 a.m
[00:40.52]I get up at six,wash and put on my school uniform.
[00:51.10]I have breakfast with my parents.
[00:57.26]We have a family business.
[01:01.94]I started the business two years ago.
[01:08.41]I write computer games.
[01:13.56]Luckily,they are very popular.
[01:19.31]We sell over half a million games every year.
[01:27.35]My father is the manager of the company and my mother is responsible for sales
[01:37.99]My brother is our accountant.
[01:43.13]Every morning we discuss the business at breakfast.
[01:49.98]Then I usually work on my computer for an hour before school.
[01:58.23]7.30 a.m.
[02:02.46]I always go to school in my own car.
[02:09.10]I am not old enough to drive,and so I have a driver.
[02:17.04]I sometimes make phone calls to clients on the way to school.
[02:24.30]8 a.m.
[02:27.77]I start school.I enjoy seeing my school friends,
[02:35.32]but some of the work is boring because it is too simple for me.
[02:43.76]I usually achieve A grades in all my subjects.
[02:50.53].I never fail an exam.
[02:53.87]12.30 p.m.
[02:58.23]About twice a week my driver collects me from school.
[03:05.60]I go and have lunch with a client.
[03:10.56]Then I return to school.
[03:14.82]4.15 p.m.
[03:18.77]After school I usually attend a club.
[03:24.43]On Fridays we have Computer Club meetings.
[03:31.20]The other students often ask me to assist them.
[03:37.36]On Mondays and Thursdays I play basketball.
[03:43.84]Once a week I have violin lessons.
[03:48.88]My driver always takes me home after school.
[03:53.64]I finish my homework in an hour or two before dinner.
[04:00.30]7 p.m.
[04:03.75]I always have dinner with my parents.
[04:09.00]We discuss our business.
[04:12.87]Then I go to my office and continue working on my games.
[04:20.00]I seldom go to bed before 2 a.m.
[04:26.95]I do not usually need much sleep.
[04:34.05]Page 22
[04:37.21]Identifying a speaker's occupation
[04:41.65]Listen to the recording.
[04:45.02]You will hear six people talking about their daily lives.
[04:51.55]Write down the numbers 1 to 6 in the circles to show which person is talking
[05:00.90]1 I work in an office
[05:06.36] I wear smart clothes.
[05:10.80] I work for a big business.
[05:15.66]I am responsible for all the accounts.
[05:21.62]I paid out money
[05:25.28]and I receive money.
[05:29.25]I often use a caculator.
[05:33.30]I must be very careful in my work.
[05:38.63]2 I work for a big business.
[05:44.89]I do not work in an office.
[05:50.96]I carry things all day
[05:56.21]I often carry letters from one office to another office.
[06:05.87]Sometimes I carry big parcels.
[06:11.93]I usually stay inside our business,
[06:17.99]but sometimes I carry things to other buildings.
[06:24.86]3 I work in a small office.
[06:31.63]I look after a building.
[06:35.18]I start my work in the evening.
[06:40.43]I work all night.
[06:44.38]Sometimes I walk around the building.
[06:49.73]Sometimes I watch a television screen.
[06:54.77]I must not fall asleep.
[06:59.21]I look out for thieves and burglars.
[07:04.54]After work I go home in the morning.
[07:09.82]I sleep during the day.
[07:13.89]4.I work in a small room all day.
[07:21.65]I always wear a mask,sometimes I wear rubber gloves.
[07:31.08]Many people come to see me.
[07:35.44]They open their mouth.
[07:39.49]I look at their teeth.
[07:43.15]I try to help them.
[07:46.81]I make their teeth better.
[07:51.07]5 I usually work outside.
[07:57.02]I wear dirty clothes.
[08:01.28]I am very strong.
[08:04.94]I often carry heavy things.
[08:09.80]I sometimes climb up ladders.
[08:15.15]I help to build the buildings.
[08:20.19]My work is often very noisy.
[08:25.47]Sometimes my work is dangerous.
[08:30.01]6.I work inside most of the time.
[08:37.46]I wear smart clothes.
[08:42.11]I sit at a desk,sometimes I use a computer.
[08:51.25]I am in charge of other people.
[08:57.91]I tell them what to do.
[09:02.43]I make sure they work well.
[09:07.79]I also meet many of our clients everyday.
[09:15.23]Pages 26 and 27
[09:19.80]A Talk time
[09:24.48]Yes/No questions
[09:28.53]When we ask questions that do not begin with a question word,
[09:36.39]we make our voices rise at the end.
[09:42.45]These questions begin with do,did,has,is,can,could,etc.
[10:00.82]These questions can be answered by yes or no.
[10:09.36]Here are some examples
[10:13.43]Do you understand?
[10:16.67]Can you repeat it?
[10:19.73]Is it correct?
[10:22.68]Can you explain it?
[10:25.84]Showing politeness
[10:29.60]We also make our vices rise to show politeness.
[10:36.76]Excuse me.
[10:39.63]Thank you.
[10:42.19]You'll have to hurry.
[10:45.15]Exercise A1
[10:49.30]MR FULLER:Today,we're going to talk about experiments.
[10:55.75] First of all,... WENDY:Excuse me,sir.
[10:59.41]MR FULLER:Yes,Wendy.
[11:02.36]WENDY:Can you spell experiments?
[11:24.30]WENDY:Thank you,sir.