New year, new emoji—as the saying goes (or if not, it probably should).

The Unicode Consortium, which administers the emoji we all know and love, has announced the first group of new emoji for 2020.

Officially the group is known as “Emoji 13.0” and includes 62 new emoji along with 55 gender and skin-tone variants for a total of 117 new emoji coming to your phone.
新表情官方名称是“Emoji 13.0”,包含62个新表情以及55个性别和肤色种类,你手机上总共会有117个新的表情符号。

The new group of emoji features new gender-inclusive options including both men and women in tuxes, in wedding dresses, and bottle-feeding a baby. Other firsts are a transgender flag and a transgender symbol.

Then, of course, there are tons of new creatures, body parts, people, and items including pinched fingers, an anatomical heart, lungs, a ninja, a black cat, a mammoth, a dodo, a weird-looking seal, a worm, an olive, a tamale, fondu, bubble tea, a roller skate, a piñata, nesting dolls, a mouse trap, a plunger, a headstone, and more.

You can check out pictures of all the 117 new emoji above (courtesy of Emojipedia). Expect the new emoji to start showing up on platforms such as iOS, Android, and Twitter sometime in the summer to early fall.