46.What does the author say best schools should do?

D.protect students from social pressures and enable them to face the world.

解析:首先按照题文同序原则以及关键词定位到文章第一段The best seek to alleviate the external pressures on their pupils while equipping them better to understand and handle the outside-at once sheltering them and broadening their horizons.该句为定位句。face the world同义替换equipping them better to understand and handle the outside,故D选项为本题正确答案。

47. What does the author think about school field trips?

B.They widen the gap between privileged and disadvantaged students.

解析:通过acting ethically定位至文章第二段,第二段写到了对于这个活动,穷人和富人所产生的不同表现,最后:the discrepancy is startlingly apparent.discrepancy同义替换gap。所以该题选择B选项。

48. What does the author suggest can build community spirit?

B.Activities involving all students on campus.

解析:根据关键词community spirit回文定位至文章第3段...ensuring that all all their pupils are able to take up opportunities....同义替换Activities involving all students on campus.故B选项为正选。

49. What do we learn about low-income parents regarding school field trips?

A.They do not want their kids to miss any chance to broaden their horizons despite.

解析:通过关键词“field trips” 可定位至文章第三段,open their eyes to life’s possibilities,t同义替换,故此题A选项为正确选项。

50. What is the author’s expectation of schools?

C.avoiding creating new gaps among students.

解析:本题为态度题,定位至文章最后一段But the least we should expect is that they do not foster divisions and exclude those who are already disadvantaged.意思是不应该扩大贫富差距。故选择C。