Part III Reading Comprehension

Section A

26. [K] ...died prematurely from...

27. [C] ...will determine the everyday...

28. [N] become synonymous with air...

29. [M] ...simply switching to electric...

30. [D] …run them is generated,

31. [I] ... tiny airborne particles as...

32. [H] ... are opting for...

33. [J] ...reached its peak and...

34. [O] ...with this trend,

35. [L] ... can simply double...


Section B

36. [C] The U.S. government’s recommended daily allowance(RDA)

37. [E] If you are considering a supplement, read the list of

38. [A] The marketing is tempting: Get stronger muscles and healthier bodies

39. [F] But there are certain situations that do warrant extra protein

40. [M] There have been some indications that extra protein makes the

41. [G] Vegans can benefit from protein supplements since they do not eat

42. [B] For starters, protein is critical for every cell in our body

43. [H] In fact, along with her colleague Connie Bales,

44. [D] So if it’s so easy to get your protein in food

45. [L] But can people overdo protein?


Section C

Passage One

46. [C] It determines how we respond to our immediate environment

47. [A] Their idols’ behaviors

48. [A] They may not suggest how a person is going to behave

49. [D] They lack willpower

50. [B] Starting to act in a way that embodies one’s aspirations


Passage Two

51. [C] It was carried out too close to the habitats of penguins and whales

52. [B] To establish conservation areas in the Antarctic region

53. [A] Opting to operate away from the suggested conservation areas

54. [D] Sustain fishing without damaging the Antarctic ecosystem

55. [C] A provider of the needed expertise