News report 2

Starting April 28 of this year, the National Museum of Natural History will begin renovating its fossil hall. The fossil hall, which displays some of the world’s oldest and largest fossil specimens, receives more than 2 million visitors each year. It’s one of the museum’s most famous attractions. As a result, the museum plans to expand the hall, as well as add to its ancient birds collection. Bird lovers, both young and old, have already responded with excitement at the news. The museum’s social media account has been flooded with messages of support. In the meantime, the current collection will be closed. However, visitors will be compensated during the closure. Museum’s special exhibition area will now be free of charge. This week, the resident exhibition is a display of ancient wall paintings on loan from Australia. They celebrate the cultural heritage of the country and will be available to view until Sunday. Next week, the exhibition will be taken over by the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition. The winner of this year’s competition will be awarded a preview of the new fossil hall, as well as a cash prize.


Q3. What does the news report say about the fossil hall of the National Museum of Natural History?

Q4. What is on display this week in the museum’s exhibition hall?


3、C,It is going to be expanded

4、B,Some ancient wall paintings from Australia