Section B

Conversation 1


Woman: The name of the TV show we wish to produce is Science Nation. 

Man: Please tell us more. What will Science Nation be about?

Woman: It will be about science, all sorts of science. Each episode will focus on a different area of science, and tell us what we know, how we know it, and what we still don't know. The show will have one host only, and this will be Professor Susan Paul from Harvard University. She's a great public speaker.

Man: So, just to be clear, will the show its format be like that of the documentary?

Woman: Kind of. It will be like a documentary in the sense, that it will be non-fiction and fact-based. However, our idea is for it to be also fun and entertaining, something which traditional documentaries aren't so much. Please keep in mind, this will be a new TV show, like nothing ever done before.

Man: Okay, so it will be both educational and entertaining, and your audience will be anyone interested in science, right?

Woman: That's correct, yes.

Man: Right, thank you. So, I think we're more or less clear what the show will be like. Could you please tell us now, what exactly you want from us?

Woman: Yes, of course. Basically, what we need from you is financial support. In order to go ahead with this idea, we need 2 million dollars. This will cover the cost of making all 12 shows in the first season for the first year. If the show is a success, we can then look at making a second season for the following year.


Q8. What do we learn about the TV show Science Nation?

Q9. In what way will the TV show Science Nation differ from traditional documentaries?

Q10. Who will be the intended audience of the TV show Science Nation?

Q11. What does the woman want the man to do for the TV show?


8. A

9. B

10. D

11. A