Part III Reading Comprehension

Section A

26. [B] admiring

27. [M] sealed

28. [I] natural

29. [C] contains

30. [K] released

31. [L] revealing

32. [O] substance

33. [G] liquid

34. [E] evidence

35. [J] potential


Section B

36. [E] USPS has sophisticated emergency plans for natural disasters.

37. [I] Mail companies are logistics         companies.

38. [C] As global surface temperatures increase, so does the likelihood…

39. [G] Every day, USPS processes, on average, 493.4 million pieces...

40. [K] Rebuilding can take a long time, and even then…

41. [F] As soon as it’s safe enough to be outside,

42. [B] Even the United States Postal Service(USPS) suspended mail

43. [J] Private courier companies, which have more dollars to spend

44. [D] Days after the deadly 2017 wildfires in Santa Rosa,

45. [H] It can be hard to identify which parcels are carrying crucial items


Section C

Passage One

46. [B] It is a course designed for students to learn online.

47. [C] Students’ questions were unsatisfied with the assistants

48. [A] She turned out to be a great success

49. [D] They could not tell her from a real person

50. [C] Assign her to answer more of students’ questions


Passage Two

51. [C] Not all of them achieved their anticipated goals

52. [B] To identify reasons for their different outcomes

53. [B] Its interaction with prospective donors

54. [A] They should be small to be successful

55. [D] Their feeling of connection to the scientists themselves