Amazon may have stopped selling its Dash buttons for consumers, but it’s not done with dedicated Dash hardware:
亚马逊可能已经停止向消费者销售“一键下单按钮”(Dash buttons)了,但不代表专用的一键购买硬件也停止使用了:

The company is launching its new Amazon Dash Smart Shelf today. Aimed at small businesses rather than individuals, the Dash Smart Shelf is also even more automated than the Dash buttons, as it uses a built-in scale to automatically place an order for re-stocking supplies based on weight.

Available in three sizes (7″x7″, 12″x10″ and 18″x13″), the Dash Smart Shelf is just 1″ tall and can basically be placed under a pile of whatever stock of supplies you commonly run through while operating a business.
Dash智能货架有三个尺寸可选(7″x7″,12″x10″ 和18″x13″),高度仅1″,基本可以放在你做生意常卖的任何货品下面。

That could mean printer paper, coffee cups, pens, paper clips, toilet paper, coffee or just about anything, really — and Amazon’s replenishment system can either be set to automatically place an order when it detects that on-hand supply has fallen below a certain weight, or you can just have it send someone in your organization a notification if you’d rather not have the order happen automatically.

The Dash Smart Shelf connects via built-in Wi-Fi, and can be powered either by a connected cable to a power outlet, or via four AAA batteries, providing flexibility as to where you want to put it.

Using the web or the Amazon app, you then sign in with your Amazon Business account and just pick which product you’re using on the scale that you want to top up.
联网或者进入亚马逊应用程序时你可以登录你的Amazon Business账号,选择你要在货架上加满的产品。

And if you find that your staff doesn’t like the coffee selection, for instance, you can easily change up the brand or product your’e re-ordering from your account, too.

Dash Smart Shelf isn’t available immediately for anyone to purchase directly, but instead Amazon is going to be working with select small businesses in a trial pilot this month, with the plan being to open up general availability to any Amazon Business customers that have a registered U.S. business license beginning next year.
并非所有人都能立刻买到Dash智能货架,但亚马逊本月将会让选定的小公司试用,计划从明年开始向所有拥有美国注册营业执照的Amazon Business客户开放。

 If people are keen on getting Smart Shelf into their business, they can sign up directly with Amazon to be notified about availability.