endocrine ['endə(ʊ) krɪn] 

adj. 内分泌的


Scientists and NGOs have been raising concerns since the 1980s over the presence of bisphenol A (BPA) in food and drink containers. 

The industrial chemical, used to make polycarbonate plastic bottles and food storage containers, along with the epoxy resin linings in canned goods, has been associated with endocrine disorders. 

Regulators have responded over the past decade: The FDA banned the compound from baby bottles and children’s drinking cups in 2012, and by 2018, 90% of steel food cans were being manufactured without it.

But the beverage industry has struggled to get the chemical out of aluminum cans, stymied by the difficulty of finding an alternative coating that stops the corrosion of both steel and aluminum effectively. (Due to manufacturing requirements, the can industry needs a compound that works for both.) 

Meanwhile, demand for metal cans is rising as consumers look to decrease their environmental impact by avoiding plastic. Metal food packaging can be recycled an infinite number of times.

Driven by demand from food corporations and customers, coating-solutions company Valspar—part of manufacturing giant Sherwin-Williams since 2017—has spent 10 years developing a new epoxy from scratch, called valPure V70, which staves off corrosion without affecting endocrine activity. 
受食品公司和客户需求的推动,涂层解决方案公司威士伯(Valspar)从零开始,用了10年时间开发了一种名为valPure V70的新型环氧树脂,它可以在不影响内分泌活动的情况下防止腐蚀。2017年威士伯公司被制造业巨头宣伟(Sherwin-Williams)收购。

In perhaps a first for the industrial coating industry, the company worked proactively with leading NGOs, scientists, and consumer health and safety groups—including the Natural Resources Defense Council; the Center for Science in the Public Interest; and Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families—to ensure that the coating satisfied their safety requirements. 

“Valspar went to incredible lengths to show that their compound was not estrogenic,” says Terrence Collins, chemistry director of the Institute for Green Science at Car­negie Mellon University, which was involved in testing valPure V70. 
“威士伯付出了令人难以置信的努力来证明他们的化合物不是雌激素类化合物,”卡内基·梅隆大学绿色科学研究所化学主任特伦斯·科林斯说道,该大学参与了valPure V70的测试。

But he sounds a note of caution. To know whether it’s safe beyond that, “we will need to see how it performs” on further testing.

The beverage industry, however, has wasted no time in embracing valPure V70. Though it can’t contractually divulge which food and beverage brands it works with, Sherwin-Williams says that billions of cans coated with valPure V70 are already on the market, especially in California (where cans that contain BPA liners must carry a health warning). 
然而,饮料业立马开始使用valPure V70。虽然根据合同条款,宣伟不能透露它与哪些食品饮料品牌合作,但该公司表示,市面上已经有数十亿个贴有valPure V70涂层的易拉罐,特别是加州市场(在加州,含有BPA内衬的易拉罐上必须有健康警告)。

The rollout is proof that even the most stalwart industries can benefit from embracing consumer feedback.



endocrine ['endə(ʊ) krɪn] 

adj. 内分泌的


文中endocrine disorders,指内分泌失调


The diabetes has already been one kind of endocrine diseases which was known by the people.