rationalize ['ræʃnə'laɪz] 

v. 使合理化; 据理解释


Meryl Streep is just like us...minus the ridiculous amount of Oscar nominations. The actress, who stars in the upcoming remake of Little Women, ordered Wendy's while on set, according to TODAY.  Sometimes you just need a number seven combo with a Diet Coke, you know?

Meryl apparently left her co-star Saoirse Ronan "shocked" when she ordered Wendy's on-location, Saoirse admitted at a Q&A for the film last week. 

According to Los Angeles Times reporter Amy Kaufman (who was at the Q&A), Meryl ordered from Wendy's because she was "saving money." Kaufman explained Meryl was joking, but the fact is, she went ahead and ordered Wendy's to a movie set.

It is all extremely relatable, TBH, although I don't really think anyone ever needs torationalize a Wendy's order. The fact that even Meryl Streep needs her fast food fix every once in a while gives me peace of mind. But I will say that knowing she, too, tries her best to save money is making me second guess my own spending habits.

There is no confirmation on what exactly Meryl ordered from the fast food chain, but suddenly, finding out if she is a nugget gal or a hamburger gal is a top priority for me. I'd like to think no matter what she got, she most definitely ordered a Frosty on the side. 

What better mental image is there than Meryl Streep dipping her fries into her Frosty while wearing her 1800s themed costume? Literally none, that's what.



rationalize ['ræʃnə'laɪz] 

v. 使合理化; 据理解释


I poured my thoughts out on paper in an attempt to rationalize my feelings. 


Tom's parents sometimes find it difficult to rationalize his behavior.