Three days after Samsung confirmed an issue with the innovative in-display fingerprint reader on its S10 and a Note 10 smartphones, the company has issued an even more serious warning for millions of users.
三星证实S10和Note 10智能手机上创新的屏下指纹阅读器存在问题,三天后该公司向数百万用户发出了更严肃的警告。

The issue relates to the use of gel covers which seem to enable any fingerprint to unlock the devices.

The issue is so serious, that Samsung has told owners who use any front screen covers to “refrain from using the cover until your device has been updated with a new software patch.”

The new warning from Samsung goes even further though, telling users who have deployed covers to replace the fingerprints stored on their devices.


Samsung had already said it was "aware of the case of the malfunctioning fingerprint recognition and will soon issue a software patch."

And there’s an update here also: Samsung has promised that software update will be available during the week of October 21.

“Once updated,” the company says, “scan your fingerprint in its entirety, so that all portions of your fingerprint, including the center and corners have been fully scanned.”

Basically, users are advised to replace all the biometric data on the device.

The new Qualcomm in-display technology in the S10 and Note10 has always been a challenge for screen protectors. A small gap between the protector and the screen resulted in recognition challenges.
S10和Note 10手机应用的高通公司的这个新屏下技术对屏幕保护器来说一直是一个挑战。屏幕保护器和屏幕之间的小间隙会导致识别错误。

But one fix at least seems to capture a successful fingerprint match from the original user within the gel cover—essentially applying that correct fingerprint when pressure is applied.

This means any person can unlock the device and access its data and any other apps opened by the biometric security.