How many aluminium cans can get you 1g of gold?

In North Jakarta, the trade-in value of 70kg of aluminium cans – around 4,500 empty cans – is equivalent to 1g of gold at the Wijaya Kusuma Waste Bank.
在雅加达北部,70kg铝罐(约4,500个空罐)就能在Wijaya Kusuma垃圾银行兑换1g黄金。

Other recyclables such as cardboard and plastic bottles are also accepted by the programme initiated by the Bermis Gading neighbourhood in January last year.
Bermis Gading街区去年1月份发起的这个项目也接受纸板和塑料瓶等其他回收物。

The waste bank was set up with a simple mission – to encourage the locals to recycle and reduce waste. After residents deposit recyclables here, the waste bank would clean and sell them to the North Jakarta government.


In April this year, pawnshop PT Pegadaian offered to collaborate with this waste bank – and four other waste banks in Jakarta – by rewarding the residents with gold.

Mdm Roswanthy Suweden, 67, is one of the serious participants of the programme. She has collected enough recyclables to receive more than 10g of gold.
67岁的Mdm Roswanthy Suweden很认真地参与这个项目,她攒的回收物已经可以兑换超过10g黄金。

“I’m happy. I save little by little, and over time I have a lot. The gold is for my children and grandchildren,” she told CNA at the waste bank.

Head of North Jakarta environment agency Mr Slamet Riyadi applauded the idea of offering gold as an incentive to recycle.
雅加达北部环境机构的领导Slamet Riyadi对用黄金激励循环利用的想法表示赞许。

Women, who usually manage the households, will find the scheme attractive, he said.

“Before it worked together with the pawnshop, it had around 34 or 36 customers (residents who took part in the programme). But since the partnership, the number increased to 105,” Mr Riyadi said.

Besides Jakarta, similar “trash for gold” schemes are also found in other Indonesian cities like Palembang, Bandar Lampung and Makassar.