This ‘Tesla hoverboard’ is what dreams are made of—but it’s just that.

If you see people on the internet freaking out over a Tesla hoverboard today, we hate to break it to you, but it’s fake.

A video of Tesla’s alleged newest product was posted to YouTube, and it seems to have generated quite the buzz on social media.

Alas, the hoverboard in the video is completely computer-generated.

But then again, maybe Elon Musk will see it and decide to try to give making one a go.

It’s no crazier than his flamethrowers, after all.

Last February, Elon Musk sold $10 million worth of flamethrowers in four days.

Musk announced that all 20,000 of the Boring Company-branded flamethrowers have sold out.
马斯克宣布Boring Company生产的共20,000个火焰喷射器已售罄。

Given that they were $500 each, that means Musk moved $10 million worth in the four days since they went on sale.

Musk also announced that every flamethrower will ship with a “complimentary Boring fire extinguisher.”

Still, not everyone is happy about the flamethrower success. Though flamethrowers are legal in America if their flames don’t extend more than 10 feet, a Californian politician has said he will seek a ban on the Boring Company selling the flamethrowers in his state.
但不是所有人对于火焰喷射器取得的成功都感到高兴。虽然在美国火焰不超过10英尺的火焰喷射器是合法的,但一位加州政客说他将在本州范围内禁止Boring Company销-售火焰喷射器。