Most of these pics arrived well outside of the time period we might expect Stranger Things 4 to take place in — if tradition holds, that'd be somewhere around 1986 — but we can still venture a few guesses as to how these films might have an impact on Stranger Things 4 for fun, right?


The Peanut Butter Solution is a 1985 French comedy-horror film in which a kid sees a gaggle of ghosts and experiences "The Fright," a condition that causes his hair to fall out. The remedy to his early onset baldness is — you guessed it — a peanut butter solution, but the kid mucks the recipe up, and things go hair-wire from there.


The Fisher King is a 1991 dramedy about a cocky radio host who inadvertently triggers a mass murder event and ventures to help the husband of one of the victims, a deluded man on a mission to find the Holy Grail.


Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey is the 1991 sequel to Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Like the first film, the movie centers on the eponymous duo as they hang out with people from other time periods, but this time, they also take a trip to Hell and have to battle with Death over games like Twister and Clue

1991年播出的《比尔和特德历险记》是《阿比阿弟的冒险》的续集。和第一部一样,这部剧主要讲述了这对同名的二人组和其他时代的人一起出去玩的故事,但这一次他们还去了地狱,和死神比赛玩Twister and Clue游戏。

You've Got Mail is perhaps the most confounding part of this list because the 1998 rom-com has absolutely nothing to do with the supernatural.


Ordinary People is a highly decorated 1980 drama film about a family that gets ripped apart by the death of one son and the suicide attempt of the other.