A college drop out, with four GCSEs, who was told he would never amount to anything has become a millionaire after learning to trade Forex on YouTube.
一个大学辍学,有四个普通中等教育证书,被告知永远不会有所成就的人,在学会在 YouTube 上交易外汇后成为了百万富翁。

Luke Blackburn, 23, from Brough, East Riding of Yorkshire, says he now owns three houses, expensive cars and enjoys six jet-setting holidays a year after he amassed a fortune trading on the foreign exchange market.
23岁的 Luke Blackburn 来自东约克郡的 Brough,他说他现在拥有3套房子,昂贵的汽车,在外汇交易市场积累了巨额财富之后,他每年都会享受6次乘飞机旅行的假期。

Luke Blackburn, from Brough, East Riding of Yorkshire (pictured) says he has amassed a fortune trading on the foreign exchange market.
Luke Blackburn 来自东约克郡的 Brough (如图) ,他说他在外汇交易市场上积累了大量财富。

Luke said he was told by lecturers that he would struggle to find a job with his few qualifications when he dropped out of college in December 2013. After dropping out he secured an apprenticeship at an IT company which is when he began to trade Forex.
卢克说,2013年12月他从大学退学时,老师们告诉他,他很难找到工作。退学后,他在一家 IT 公司当学徒,从那时起他开始从事外汇交易。

He said: 'I started with a small loan of £1,000 when I was just 18. A few of my friends traded at the time and I thought why not, let's give it a go. '
他说: “我18岁的时候就有了1000英镑的小额贷款。当时我的一些朋友做了交易,我想:为什么不试试呢?”

'As I was trading people were asking for help and I realised that I could make money that way too. All the while I was still working as an apprentice. I never thought it would take off to what it has done. My original goal was just to earn a few extra hundred pounds each month.'
当我在做交易时,人们都在寻求帮助,我意识到我也可以通过这种方式赚钱。那时我还在当学徒。 我从来没有想到它会发展成现在这样。我最初的目标就是每个月多赚几百英镑。

Luke now charges people hundreds of pounds to learn his trading tips. He began to trade with his business partner and left his apprenticeship after one year to trade Forex full time.

He said: 'It was getting too much to balance trading and a full-time job. My parents thought I was mad to leave but I told them I would make a success of it.'
他说: “要在交易和全职工作之间取得平衡太难了。我父母认为我辞职是疯了,但我告诉他们我会成功的。”

Luke has now built a small business empire of rental properties, investments and claims to rake in between £15,000 - £50,000 a month through his trading and teaching business. He claims to own three buy-to-let properties, four luxury watches and frequently picks up bills for his parents and other family members.

He said: 'It's a difficult question to answer but once you add all of my assets up I'm worth about £1,000,000. Despite the money though the goal was never to become a millionaire. I just want to be stress free and comfortable. I don't want to worry about bills or anything like that.I can work wherever and whenever I want to. I don't need an office. All I need is a laptop and an internet connection.'
他说: 这是一个很难回答的问题,但是一旦你把我所有的资产加起来,我的身价大约是100万英镑。尽管有钱,但我的目标从来就不是成为百万富翁。 我只是想摆脱压力,舒服一点。 我不想担心账单之类的事情。我可以随时随地工作,不需要办公室。我只需要一台笔记本电脑和一个互联网连接口。

Luke said his main tip to any wannabe trader is not to get too stressed out when things are going badly.