augmented [ɔːɡ'mentɪd] 

adj. 增广的;扩张的


IKEA's augmented reality Place app can be helpful for gauging how furniture will look in your abode, but you've been limited to trying items one at a time -- not much help if you're trying to furnish a new home. 

Now, though, it's much more practical as a home decor tool. An updated iOS app (the Android equivalent is coming in the "near future") lets you place multiple items at once, whether they're handpicked or part of pre-defined Room Sets. 

You'll know if that lounge chair and lamp combo fits in with your living room, for instance.

The revamp also allows you to create a profile with a wish list of products you've tried in AR. A "For You" feed, meanwhile, offers a steady stream of collections, new products and suggestions if you're not sure where to start. 
这次更新还使你可以创建一个个人档案,其中包括你在AR(增强现实)中尝试过的产品的愿望清单。与此同时,如果你不确定从哪里开始,“For You”(为你)订阅功能可以为你提供一系列可靠的收藏品、新产品和建议。

And if you're the sort who likes to hunt for Easter eggs, you're apparently in for a surprise if you place a SYMFONISK speaker in the room, turn it on and get close. 

These aren't vital features, but they could give you a reason to return to Place beyond the initial novelty.



augmented [ɔːɡ'mentɪd] 

adj. 增广的;扩张的


The staff has been slightly augmented.


其动词原形augment,v. 增加;增大


While searching for a way to augment the family income, she began taking part-time jobs.